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Description of the Project  

Perform the migration of all UNECE workstations to the standard UNOG computer image (Unite Desktop Service).  At the end of the project UNECE computers will be fully compliant with Regional Technology Centre Europe (RTC-E) directives with licensing, standard operating software upgrades and security managed by RTC-E.

The project includes transitioning to the RTC-E Service Desk model with all future technical support and service requests sent to the iNeed Self Service ticketing system.

Additional information relating to the project can be found within the documents listed below: 

Workstation Migration overview:

Status as of 12/04/2019:  245 Users successfully migrated

Description of Main Project Phases

High-Level Preparation & Deployment Timeline below:

How To's:

Recently Updated

Latest News:

The 'final sweep' of remaining migrations is progressing, and project closure activities have started.

Posted by mbowman

As planned this significant milestone has been achieved in March !

Posted by mbowman
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RTC-E Service Desk (iNeed):

Service Desk_iNeed Brochure

Unite Service Request Form

Links to Status Reports, Presentations and Meeting Minutes:

Project Highlight Reports

Project Presentations

Project Meeting Minutes

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  1. mbowman where do we sign-up for the early adopters batch?

    1. Hi Gerald, We are in the process of planning the migration schedule, and I will note that you are willing to be part of the early adopters. It is for you correct? We will come back to you to agree a suitable date/time, ok? Thanks, Mark

      1. Thanks Mark. Yes, I'm good anytime.

  2. mbowman Myself and Mr. Lance Thompson would like to be the early adopters batch.

    Thank you for updating...

  3. Hi Aruna,  I have noted the request for both yourself and Lance.  As mentioned in an earlier post, we are in the planning process and will swiftly get back to you to confirm with a proposed date/time. Best, Mark

  4. As discussed at our last ICTFP meeting, early adopters are ICT Focal Points. We believe this approach will benefit the outcome and will serve a number of purposes towards the success of the project.

  5. Mark, can you also please add the name of Fiona Willis-Nunez, Statistics Division, as one of the early adopters.


    1. Yes, I have added Fiona to the list. Thanks.