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Governments have been confronted with the difficulty to identify the right projects or the right PPP models from successful international PPP experience that can be used as a basis for their own programmes. Access to international best practices is a remedy against repeating common mistakes and building efficiency into national PPP programmes.


In order to develop a PPP standard or standards, the project will assess different models of PPPs for variable on-grid renewable energy development pertaining to different project scales (small, medium and large), using the Project Team members’ experience in markets where PPPs are used to deliver renewable energy services.


In addition, the Project Team will focus on policy, more precisely, on how a robust PPP variable renewable energy programme aligns with a country’s general energy policy (with an energy for all optic), and will recommend best practice for the establishment and management of such programme within the wider energy framework of a country. Due to the variable nature of wind and solar energy it is important for the wider energy policy and framework to incorporate a careful analysis and management of additional factors such as back-up generation, system modification and grid accessibility for variable energy. The Project Team will also, were possible, focus on those PPP projects that failed to deliver, and will look at the factors that contributed to these failures.


Project leader & editor

Project leader Ana-Katarina HAJDUKA
Editor Rene MEYER

Project information

Stage statusODP StageODP NameStage start date Stage end dateMeetings / MinutesRelevant documents
(tick)1Project initiation1 March 201531 March 2015

Project proposal

(tick)2Stakeholder mobilization1 April 201530 April 2015

Meetings & minutes

 (tick)3Developing initial draft1 May 201531 October 2016Meetings & minutes
(tick)4Public review
  • November 2016
  • December 2017
  • January 2017
  • February 2018

Draft for Public Review version 2.0 (November, 2017)

Draft for Public Review version 1.0 (November, 2016)

Template for comments and observations

Comments Log

 (tick)5Endorsement 20 November 2018 20 November 2018Meetings & minutes

Version endorsed by the Working Party on PPPs

(November, 2018) - E / F / R

(tick)6Approval27 March 201927 March 2019Meetings & report

Version 1.0 (March, 2019)  - E / F / R


Extra budgetary resources

Trust Fund Amount




Budget Summary




Focal Point


Organization / Company

BelarusDzmitry BerazouskiHead of the PPP Unit, Ministry of Economy
Morocco Sonia Mezzour 

Secretary General, National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

PolandJolanta Korzun

Ministry of Economy


Relevant documents


  File Locked By Modified
PDF File WBIPPIAFPPPReferenceGuidev11.0.pdf 08 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File UNECE PPPs for Renewable Energy Development Project Proposal_Final.pdf Project Proposal 30 Apr, 2015 by Claudio MEZA
PDF File UNECE PPP Renewable Energy draft standard-Public Review v2.0.pdf UNECE PPP Renewable Energy draft standard - Public Review v2.0 PDF 05 Dec, 2017 by Claudio MEZA
Microsoft Word Document UNECE PPP Renewable Energy draft standard-Public Review v2.0.docx UNECE PPP Renewable Energy draft standard - Public Review v2.0 05 Dec, 2017 by Claudio MEZA
PDF File UNECE PPP Renewable Energy draft standard-Public Review v1.0 - Schedule & Annexes.pdf UNECE PPP Grid-Connected Renewable Energy draft standard - Schedule and Annexes 07 Nov, 2016 by Claudio MEZA
PDF File UNECE PPP Renewable Energy draft standard-Public Review v1.0.pdf UNECE PPP Grid-Connected Renewable Energy draft standard - Public Review v1.0 08 Nov, 2016 by Claudio MEZA
Microsoft Word Document UNECE PPP Renewable Energy draft standard-Public Review v1.0.docx UNECE PPP Grid-Connected Renewable Energy draft standard - Public Review v1.0 08 Nov, 2016 by Claudio MEZA
Microsoft Word Document UNECE PPP Renewable Energy draft standard-Public Review Comments Template.docx UNECE PPP Grid-Connected Renewable Energy draft standard - Public Review - Comments template - MS Word 04 Nov, 2016 by Claudio MEZA
PDF File UNECE PPP Renewable Energy draft standard-Public Review Comments Log.pdf UNECE PPP Grid-Connected Renewable Energy draft standard - Public Review - Comments Log 13 Dec, 2016 by Claudio MEZA
PDF File Understanding_Power_Purchase_Agreements.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File TOR Wind Farm -- Technical Due Diligencev1_0.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File Team_3_Final_Report_2012.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File SOLAR+GUIDE+BOOK.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File Selecting PPP Project PPIAF.pdf 08 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File PPP Renewable Energy Project-Public Review Comments Log-v2.0.pdf UNECE PPP Renewable Energy draft standard - Public Review Log v2.0 09 Apr, 2018 by PPP Editor
PDF File PPP-Recommendation.pdf 08 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File ppp_en.pdf 08 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File PPIAF_Intro_to_PPPs.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File PPI_final_rept__main__2006_08_27_1.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File Note-Two-Objectives-of-a-PPP-Program.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File Note-Three-Policy-and-Legal-Environment.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File Note-Six-Unsolicited-Proposals.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File Note-Seven-Draft-PPP-Policy-Outline.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File Note-One-PPP-Basics-and-Principles-of-a-PPP-Framework.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File Note-Four-Developing-a-PPP-Framework.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File Note-Five-Development-and-Implementation-Procedures.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File ICA Guide 2006 - Infra Project Preparation - ENG.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File How-to-engage-with-private-sector-Clemencia-Farquharso-Yecome-Encinas.pdf 08 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File Attracting_Investors_to_African_PPP.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File adb public private partnership handbook.pdf 08 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File 59064814-Handshake-Issue-2-Climate-Change.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File 242091146-Private-Participation-in-Infrastructure-Global-Update-2013.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka
PDF File 236899332-PPP-Reference-Guide.pdf 07 May, 2015 by Ana-Katarina Hajduka



Contacts and members

Project leader

Ana-Katarina HAJDUKA

EditorRené MEYER 

Team Members - Renewable Energy

Ana Hadjuka

Team Leader

Founder & CEO, Africa GreenCo

Location: United Kingdom

Email:  or

In March 2015, Ana was appointed by the UNECE as the Team Leader responsible for a Project Team (comprising about 30 specialists) in charge of developing international renewable energy PPP standards as part of the Sustainable Energy for All agenda. Ana is also a Founder & CEO of Africa GreenCo (Africa Green Regional Energy: Efficient, New and Creditworthy Offtaker). Africa GreenCo calls for the set-up of a public-private partnership in the form of an independent, regional, renewable energy offtaker. Africa GreenCo would streamline development, mitigate offtake and credit risk and catalyse private sector finance for large- scale regional renewable energy development. Africa GreenCo as a concept was included in the recommendations section of the SE4All’s Finance Committee Report.

Ana is qualified as a lawyer in both England & Wales and the State of New York, and is an infrastructure and energy professional with more than 12 years’ experience in a variety of transactions including project finance, public-private partnerships and project development, working on energy and infrastructure projects in emerging markets. Ana trained with Allen & Overy LLP and went on to work for Fulbright & Jaworski LLP and Trinity International LLP, advising on a diverse range of projects within the energy sector, predominately in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Rene Meyer

Project co-leader and Editor

Independent Procurement & Tender Expert

Location: Philippines


Rene has more than eight years of experience with international procurement and tender practice. For the last three years, he has been the resident legal adviser and tender expert for the GET FiT Uganda program, a private investment-facilitating program for renewable energy projects implemented by KfW. Rene’s main responsibility was providing procurement, legal, and other regulatory support for the implementation of the program, which to date supports 17 renewable energy projects across three RE technologies and more than MUSD 400 million of private investment. As a trained expert in European procurement law, Rene has a deep understanding of international procurement procedures and further has implemented tenders based on various international tender standards and guidelines. He has worked for the World Bank, KfW and on other RE- and ESI- focused assignments with a particular focus on the Sub-Saharan region. His core expertise is the analysis of legal and regulatory environments for RE investment with a sound understanding of both the public perspective and private sector needs. Rene has in-depth theoretical and practical experience in drafting and negotiating transaction documents required for RE PPP project development including Power Purchasing and Implementation Agreements, project finance documents and FIDIC contracts.

Andrew Gray

Senior Legal Consultant at Trinity International LLP

Location: United Kingdom


Andrew Gray is an English qualified solicitor with almost 20 years’ experience of working in London-based law firms, most recently as a Senior Legal Consultant at Trinity International LLP, and over 12 years’ experience of working on projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Andrew focuses on infrastructure project agreements in emerging and frontier markets, in particular concession agreements, power purchase agreements and related lenders' direct agreements. Andrew received his LLB (Hons) from City University London and a Legal Practice Diploma from the College of Law, London. He also holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) degree from the University of Western Australia.

Omaro Maseli

Project Team Assistant.

Location: France


Is a Graduate Student at the Sciences Po in Paris completing her Masters in Public Affairs - Dual Degree with University of Tokyo with a focus on energy. Omaro is also a Law graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Alexander Dolgov

Public Sector Work Stream Leader

Partner at Hogan Lovells

Location: Moscow, Russia


Alexander is a partner heading Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects practice of Hogan Lovells in Russia and CIS. The team of lawyers headed by Alexander have worked on major Russian public- private partnership projects, and have advised Russian companies and banks on major  infrastructure investment projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, as well as in the CIS. Alexander is Chairman of the PPP Committee of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member of the UNECE Team of Specialists on PPP, member of the PPP Committee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Alexander is recommended as a leading lawyer on PPP, project finance, energy and infrastructure by the leading international directories, including Legal500 and Chambers. Alexander was endorsed as a Leading Lawyer by the International Financial Law Review (IFLR1000) in association with Petroleum Economist in the Energy and Infrastructure Guide (from 2014 onwards). He was also announced as one of the best lawyers by the Best Lawyers in Russia in Project Finance and Development practice from 2013 onwards.

Cathy Oxby

Private Sector Work Stream Leader

Commercial Director Africa GreenCo

Location: United Kingdom


Cathy is an independent consultant with more than 13 years professional experience in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors. She trained at Allen & Overy LLP where she worked on a diverse range of project finance transactions spanning energy and infrastructure before moving into a commercial role at HSBC Infrastructure  Fund (which became InfraRed Capital Partners). After 6 years of structuring and negotiating equity investments in a wide variety of public-private partnerships and renewable energy projects, she established her own consultancy to help developers, investors and project companies deliver well-structured and efficiently run investments by assisting them through all stages of project development, implementation and operation. She also acts as a consultant to the World Bank.

David Munene Mwangi

Energy Consultant Location: Kenya


David Munene Mwangi, is an Energy Consultant who took voluntary early retirement in August, 2010 from the Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited (KPLC), where he had worked for 32 years, rising through the ranks to the position of Chief Manager, Planning, Research & Performance Monitoring, which he held for 9 years. He had held brief for the KPLC Managing Director & CEO in acting capacity on three occasions between October 2008 and April 2010. He was a member of the KPLC power purchase agreement (PPA) negotiating team in 1999-2010 and chairman of the team in 2005-2010.

He was also the Chairman of the Company’s Tender Committee from January 2007 to February 2010. In consulting practice, David has provided and continues to provide a wide range of consultancy services in Kenya and eastern Africa. These include, among others, general advisory on energy sector and power sub-sector issues; advice on power purchase agreements, power system planning, power system studies for integrating wind power and other projects into the grid.

David’s current and former clients include (amongst others) US AID, KfW, IFC, the World Bank, Re-Consult of Turkey, Tata Power Company of India and two private Kenyan companies developing power plants in the country - Gulf Energy and Lake Turkana Wind Power Company.

Monica Lamb

Shearman & Sterling

Associate Project Development & Finance Group Location: New York, USA


Monica is a lawyer advising on the development and financing of utility-scale wind and solar power plants, as well as other types of power and infrastructure projects. She represents project sponsors (developers), private project-finance lenders, and DFIs. Previously, Monica was as a solar power project developer, including two 550 MW solar power plants which have come online in the past year in the state of California.

Nicola Saporiti

Senior Investment Officer, IFC

Location: Turkey


Nicola Saporiti has over 15 years of professional experience working in different functions in the water sector: as a technical consultant advising UK water utilities on water distribution and leakage management projects, as an international investor acquiring stakes in water utilities in Italy, UK, Spain, Mexico and Southern Africa, as a multilateral lender, working for the World Bank in Latin America, and most recently as financial advisor working for IFC in water transactions in Serbia, Madagascar, Pakistan and the Caribbean.

He holds an MBA from IMD, a Certificate in Financial Engineering from the Swiss Finance Institute and is a graduate in Civil Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano University, in Italy.

Vy Manthripragada

Renewable Energy Specialist

Location: Washington


Vy Manthripragada is a renewable energy specialist with expertise in project development and financing. Most recently, Vy served as the Director for Business Development for a U.S. based start-up company, KMR Infrastructure.

In this capacity, she oversaw the company’s project pipeline, conducted diligence on potential projects, worked with government officials for regulatory permits, and oversaw relations with private investors and development finance institutions. Over four years she developed a pipeline of 44 megawatts (MW) totaling over USD 100 million in total project costs. Specifically, Vy worked with a team to develop one of the first internationally financed offgrid biomass projects in Tanzania and helped to implement an innovative combined heat and power solution to a multinational offtaker in Sri Lanka. Prior to KMRI, Vy worked in the Office of the Secretary of State, U.S. State Department where she served as an advisor to the Ambassador for Global Partnerships. During her time at the Office of the Secretary, Vy helped to develop the State Department’s Impact Investing Initiative and worked on expanding the Department’s clean cook stove program. Vy has also held positions with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Department of Transportation, Department of Defense and The Advisory Board Company, a healthcare consultancy. Vy received a Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a B.A. from the University of North Carolina.

Beatrice Florah Ikilai

Acting Director PPP Unit, Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development Uganda.


Beatrice is the Acting Director of the PPP Unit of the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development and is responsible for PPP program development, formulation of PPP Policy, Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Framework that governs delivery of PPPs in the country. Beatrice also advices Government on the financial implications of PPP transactions, affordability and bankability of PPP projects. One of the path finder PPP projects is the 78 KM Kampala Jinja Expressway PPP Toll Project.

Beatrice is a certified Finance, a PPP practitioner and an Economist; with over 10 years experience in project finance and project development in divestiture, post divestiture and PPP activities working on power sector projects, tourism sector projects and road sector projects among others. Beatrice is a trained and qualified PPP practitioner from the IP3 USA, University of Queens Land, Australia, University of Pretoria, South Africa, Infrastructure (UK) at Her Majesty’s’ Treasury, UK and recently from Harvard Kennedy School Boston USA. Beatrice is also a qualified Finance professional with an MBA in Finance and Accounting, ACCA, with a degree in Economics.

Carlos Sallé

Director of Energy Policies and Climate Change - Iberdrola

Location: Spain


Industrial Engineer for the ETSII (School of Industrial Engineering) in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He worked in areas related with system operation in Red Eléctrica de España (the Spanish System Operator), and also was member of the management team in charge of launching and setting up the Market Operator Company, as Operations Manager. He worked at the energy regulator (CNE) in Spain as Director of Electricity and also in the consultancy firm NERA we Associate Manager for the Energy Area. In September 2001 he joined IBERDROLA Group as Regulation Director. Since December 2014 he is Director of Energy Policies and Climate Change in the Chairman’s Area. Carlos is Chairman of the Energy Commission of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce. He was one of the founders, a decade ago, the Energy Without Borders Foundation, an NGO specialised in developing energy and water projects in non developed countries. He is also member of the UNECE (United Nations) Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Business Advisory Board.

David Baxter

Director of the Institute for Public Private Partnerships (IP3)

Location: USA

Email: or

Mr. Baxter is the Director of the Institute for Public Private Partnerships (IP3), a Tetra Tech Company based in Arlington Virginia. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa and has  lived and worked across Africa. He is a fully trained educator and socio-economist and has worked at a number of educational/research institutions. He has more than 20 years of international experience in the areas of alternative financing of infrastructure projects (public-private partnerships), concession planning, socio-economic analysis, stakeholder involvement, and environmental compliance in the transportation and energy infrastructure sectors. As the Executive Director of IP3, he is focused on developing PPP capacity building programs for international clients (public and private sector) mostly who are focused on the energy, water, and transportation sectors.. He is an internationally recognized PPP though leader. Currently he is an active collaborator with UNECE’s International PPP Center of Excellence located in Geneva Switzerland. David is a member of two of UNECE’s PPP committees where he serves as a technical advisor on water and renewable energy sector PPP best practices committees. David is also an advisor to the World Bank’s BoK PPP Certification Program team. He is a recognized expert on emerging economies and has worked in over 20 countries.

Daniel G Bauer

Managing Director, Public Procurement Research Center & Adjunct Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Location: Florida


Over 25 years + professional experience in corporate finance, international and domestic project finance in public-private partnerships and procurement operations as well as marketing and business development while at Macmillan, CBS, AT&T, and the Quantum Fund/Group, LLP. Some responsibilities included managing a US$25 Billion Capital Structure; cash management, credit management, and banking relations with responsibility for over 300 direct personnel. Responsible for mergers and acquisitions; business development and alliances while at Quantum, formation of P3s abroad in France, Eritrea, Canada, Honduras, Argentina, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia. A contributor to, and involved in, several entrepreneurial ventures within ICT and Green, Renewable Energy sectors.

Rajeev K Mehta

PPP Expert

Location: Nairobi


Dr Rajeev K Mehta, presently working with African Development Bank (AfDB) on establishing PPP Regional Advisory Hub at East Africa Regional Resource Centre (EARC), Nairobi. Earlier, he has concluded his assignment as PPP Health Sector Advisor with National Treasury, Kenya as part of World Bank funded project. As Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Finance (Public Private Partnership) with Master Degree in Business Economics (Finance), Rajeev has 19 years of professional experience which included working with prominent International and National development agencies on key assignments of PPP institution & capacity building; PPP sectoral strategy PPP policy, legal & regulatory framework; transaction advisory of PPP projects across various sectors of physical & social infrastructure; economic policies & reforms; private sector development; infrastructure advisory; project finance; industrial development; etc. Rajeev is also member of UNECE Project Teams developing international PPP standards for Renewable Energy and Health sector.

Maria Yarmalchuk

Head of Public Private Partnership Development Section, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Location: Russia


Ioana Dragan

Business Development Director and Board Member of AQUAPROJECT

Location: Romania


I hold an MBA in Finance, a Business Administration University Degree and 14 years of professional experience working in international companies in different sectors, with active large involvement in engineering industry since 2007 when I have joined AQUAPROIECT S.A., an engineering company with global activity and expertise in water management and environmental protection. Currently Business Development Director and Board Member of the company, I am involved in the daily and strategic activity of the company and coordination of projects and a team of 130 specialized personnel in three locations (Romanian Headquarters and two international subsidiaries in Kurdistan and Moldova Republic).

Mohamed El Haouari

Director of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in ADEREE, Morocco

Location: Morocco


Industrial Process Engineer, has a certificate in Project Management and Marketing, and a Training Certificate in Energy Policies from the University of Athens. He was a Research Engineer in an Engineering Consulting Firm in 1995, and works currently at ADEREE as the Director of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Department. With 20 years of experience in RE and EE fields, he was also Director of Development and Planning in CDER (National Renewable Energy Development Center), Head of the Department of Quality and Technical Development, and in charge of the National Solar Laboratories Accreditation process with the Institute for Sustainable Power in the USA.

He is project manager of several projects funded by national and international organizations (USTDA-5 MW Solar Power Plants-, PNUD/GEF –National Solar thermal Program and Energy Efficiency , European Union EU- National Code in Energy Efficiency in Buildings- ,German GIZ –Biomass Power Plants and Wind Farms -UE PCRD –UE Research programs in solar cooling, Hybrid Systems-Wind Energy, ADB National Energy Efficiency in Industry, etc). He is a Master Trainer in Solar and Thermal technologies and deeply involved in Moroccan national renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.

Saniya Toleshova

Managing Partner Unicase Law Firm

Location: Kazakhstan


Saniya specializes on broad range of legal issues with a particular emphasis on infrastructure, construction and public-private partnerships (PPP). She is an expert in project finance both in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries advising the Ministry of Transport and Communication on concession laws, preparation of tender documentation and concession agreements for major automobile roads. Saniya has participated in the working groups on development and amendment of Concession legislation in Kazakhstan. Saniya regularly represents interests of clients in various deals, concerning direct investment and joint ventures. She specializes on project funding, concessions and other forms of PPP in Kazakhstan. Saniya also consults clients on several construction projects in Kazakhstan, representing interests both developers and real estate investors. And has a significant experience on consulting major companies on investments governance in construction section.

Since 2004, Saniya worked in major international law companies in United Kingdom and Kazakhstan, and in the International Development Bank (2004-2005 - Coudert Brothers Law Firm; 2005 - 2008 Denton Wilde Sapte Law Firm; 2008-2009 Macleod Dixon Law Firm; 2009 – 2010 Eurasian Development Bank, 2010 - 2011 “Grata” Law Firm).

Penny Herbst

Non Executive Director Africa GreenCo and Accreditation Panel Member Green Climate Fund

Location: South Africa


Penny Herbst has over 30 years of experience in an utility environment most of this in Eskom’s Treasury department, where she was exposed to a diverse set of financial, commercial and legal structures that emanate from its operations. Amongst others she has managed Eskom’s foreign and interest rate risk, money and capital market investments, project finance transactions, and the structuring of projects to mitigate risks associated with projects in Africa. She led the formation of Eskom’s Development Finance unit where in the role of Development Financing Manager she was instrumental raising, in excess of $6bn, from DFI and related institutions. This included funding for Eskom‘s first renewable projects where she spent some time in Eskom’s Renewables Unit working on bridging the gap between financing and implementation.

Raushana Chaltabayeva

Partner Unicase Law Firm

Location: Kazakhstan


Raushana has a professional experience in the field of financial regulations and green economy development. She advises state structures, financial institutions, investors and developers of projects in the energy sector developing the industry legislation, structuring transactions and their financing, preparation of all legal /normative acts related to the construction of energy facilities, supporting on the issues of protection of private investments, land use, construction, environmental protection and other issues arising out of the licensing procedures during the construction and operation of energy facilities.

Vivek Mittal

Managing Director of Millennium Resource Strategies Limited

Location: UK


Vivek has co-founded three renewable energy development companies focused on India, CEE, and USA. He has held executive Board level positions at these companies and currently serves as a Senior Expert to the Green Climate Fund, and the Independent Investment Committee member to the Clean Energy Transition Fund, Turkish – the first and only renewable energy private equity fund for Turkey. He has been adviser to multi- national corporations on energy investment strategy and Governments on Energy Policy issues. Over the last twenty-three years Vivek has transacted in over thirty countries covering Europe, Africa, Central Asia, South and Pacific Asia and the Americas. He has a broad based experience with energy technologies covering both renewable energy and thermal power, including commercialization and scaling-up of new sectors such as the Offshore wind sector. In all, he has led the financing of more than 15,000 MW thermal power projects, and 2,000 MW of renewable energy projects, and deployed a wide range of innovative commercial and financial structures. Vivek has previously held senior positions in energy project finance at Bank of Scotland, Enron Europe Limited, Edison Capital Europe and ING Bank N.V..

Anastasia Rodina

Carlos Baste López

Dominic Waughray

Hugo Virag-Lappas

Mathieu Peller

Solphi Joli Hamelo

Vanessa Miller

Yerzhan Anuarkyzy

Yeva Akrachokova

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