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titleSource: WCO/Directorate General of Customs


To limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure the continuity and smooth flow of
trade, the Customs Administration of Cameroon has taken, or disseminated, the following

 In relation to the movement of goods and people, with effect from Wednesday 18 March
the Government of the Republic of Cameroon has ordered the closure of road, air and
maritime borders, with the exception of cargo flights, ships carrying consumer staples,
and essential goods and equipment (including relief consignments).

 Foreign trade is continuing, in particular with the landlocked neighbours (Chad, Central
African Republic) for which Cameroon serves as a transit country, without prejudice to
conducting health checks on drivers.

 Within the Customs Administration of Cameroon, the following measures are in force :

  • Implementation of social distancing measures (no gatherings of fifty or more
    people, cancellation of any meetings that might be attended by more than ten
  • Temporary ban on international travel assignments;
  • Awareness-raising regarding cross-infection precautions and hygiene measures;
  • Installation of disinfection stations in public buildings operated by Customs, for
    washing and sanitising the hands.

 Regarding the Customs treatment of supplies, materials and equipment normally used
to combat COVID-19, the list suggested by the WCO Secretariat has been widely
circulated within the Customs Administration, and attention has been drawn to the
Customs facilities applicable at import. The Administration is planning to propose full
exemption for all these goods, for the duration of this health crisis.

 Humanitarian assistance consignments are eligible for the following procedures:
(i) immediate collection subject to lodging of a provisional declaration and security,
(ii) pre-arrival completion of Customs formalities, with inspection on quayside/runway
followed by immediate removal of the goods, and (iii) pre-arrival declaration procedure.
Such consignments may benefit from duty- and tax-free admission.

 The following short-term measures are also envisaged :

  • Full deployment, across the entire national territory, of CAMCIS (Cameroon’s new
    Customs Information System modelled on UNI-PASS, to replace ASYCUDA ++),
    which consolidates the automation of procedures and developments to establish
    a paperless system as is required for social distancing;
  • Relaxation of the requirement to provide certain commercial documents;
  • Suspension of the collection of interest on the late payment of Customs duties and
  • Identification of concerted actions to be taken with the national supply chain to
    ensure continuity of service if the Government implements lockdown measures.

On 26 March 2020, the General Directorate of Customs of Cameroon released to the general
public the following Official Notice, introducing further measures aimed at facilitating
procedures and reducing human contact.

titleRemarks from the International Road Transport Union