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COVID-19 [Mozambique]
Bulletin n° 1 - CIQP : 18 June 2020 (Bulletin on Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Procedures)


Customs, land, sea

Port operating at limited capacities. Ships will be subjected to health checks. The crew is not permitted to leave the vessel.

Foreign truckers are subjected to restrictions into the Port of Maputo. Certain borders are operating normally; others are only allowing specific commodities.

(Information dated 15 June: Agility, Wilhelmsen)

Land border status with neighboring countries:
- Eswatini: Land borders are open for cargo.
- Malawi: Land cargo is allowed.
- South Africa: Cross-border land freight is restricted to food and essential items, delays to be expected.
- Tanzania: Land border is open for cargo movement.
- Zimbabwe: Land borders with Mozambique is still open for cargo movements.

(Information updated 18 June: Agility, UNECE)

Customs, importation procedure

Customs are operating normally.

(Information dated 18 June: Agility)

Measures to mitigate the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Until 31 December 2020, and for all the economic agents and taxable persons of taxes in force in the Republic of Mozambique that are affected by the impact of COVID-19:
- Authorization of early departures to import preventive products and treatment of COVID-19, with a regularization within a maximum period of 90 days, within the referred period.
- The authorization referred to in the previous paragraph is granted by Competent Customs Services, upon confirmation the domicile of the economic agent and destination of the goods.
- The anticipated departure of goods is subject to the presentation of a term of responsibility.

Regular cargo import procedure:

Submission of Manifest:

- Sea / Air: The shipping / airport agent submits the cargo manifest to the Customs.
- Road / Rail: Until the goods arrive at the entry border, the dispatcher submits the cargo memorandum to Customs, indicating the entrance border and the customs clearance office.

Arrival of the goods and verification of the memo

- The entry border officer checks the information contained in the documentation submitted by the driver with that declared in the memo submitted via the system.
- Compliance is verified, the officer adds the details of the means of transport and goods.
NB: In case of non-compliance, the dispatcher must correct and submit the memo.
- The manager confirms the arrival of the means of transport, in the system, prints the memo, signs, stamps and delivers it to the driver.
- The driver follows the route to the exit office.

Creation and Submission of the Declaration

- The declarant submits the declaration and makes the payment at the bank.

Customs Clearance and Registration Assignment

- The verifier processes the declaration and issues a questionnaire requesting the dispatcher print and take the single document (DU), the attachments, and the Entry filled to Customs.
- Management visualizes the DU, stamps all documents, signs the Entry and submits to INAV to obtain registration.

 - The verifier inserts the registration number assigned by INAV into the declaration.
- The Registration Control (Scanner) officer attaches the Entry to the DU.
- The declaration continues to run normally for the remaining stages.

(Information dated 27 April: Government of Mozambique and Tax Revenue Authority)



COVID-19 - Official Publication of the Republic of Mozambique: Decree nr. 23/2020 (27 April 2020)

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