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titleSource: WCO/Federal Customs Authority


Response to Covid-19 outbreaks and Business Continuity Plans

The Federal Customs Authority (FCA) and the local Customs Administrations have been
following the recommendations of the Government, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster
Management Authority (NCEMA), the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and he
relevant health authorities in order to contain the outbreak of the novel covid-19 pandemic. The
FCA is a member of the NCEMA team, which allows the customs to be part of the decisions
made by the crisis team and hence ensuring the continuity of customs tasks and procedures
while taking the precautionary measures.

The UAE recognizes the importance of maintaining the global trade and the international supply
chain, while taking all the necessary precautions and preventive measures put forth by the
concerned authorities. Economic incentives by the government have been put in place to
ensure the safeguard of the economy from being gravely affected by this outbreak. Customs
plays a vital role in this matter, ensuring the flow of legitimate trade and by implementing some
customs initiatives to traders.

General Preventive Measures as per the Recommendations of NCEMA and the Ministry of

- Ensure that disinfection and sanitization operations are carried out through the application of
standards, instructions and requirements issued by NCEMA and the Ministry of Health or
under the supervision of a specialized medical staff periodically in the office space, facilities
and the premises.
- Implementing remote work for all administrative jobs as per the decision of the Government
(Federal Authority for Government Human Resources); noting that Customs is implementing
alongside the decisions and recommendations of the Government, the ISO 22301 regarding
Business Continuity.
- Providing the necessary equipment to scan and detect high temperature of employees and
customers in the inspection department.
- Raising awareness through various communication channels on how to reduce the spread
of diseases and epidemics within in the Customs Community.
- Take precautionary measures for inspectors by using set procedures such as wearing
masks and gloves to carry out their tasks as well as providing all vehicles and offices with
hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants.
- Take precautionary measures during inspection by reducing physical inspection, and
instead using technology and x-ray equipment.

Further details can be found on the following websites:

- Federal Customs Authority (

- National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority

- Ministry of Health and Community Protection (

- Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (

Further information:

titleSOURCE: WCO/Dubai Customs


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