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titleSource: WCO/Customs administration

26 March 2020

Actions to prevent the Coronavirus outbreak - BRAZIL

1. Information

Website dedicated toCovid-19 information, related to customs and internal revenue.

2. Health and Prevention


  • Guidance for the Federal Administration on preventive measures, restrictions; risk areas, digital documents instead of paper; Home office. 
  • Government statement on community transmission stage (20/03/20).

3. Management

Government statement of National Importance Emergency on Public Health, due to the 2019-nCOVoutbreak (COVID-19) 

  • Implementation of a National Emergency Operational Center on Public Health (COEnCOV) with competencies to plan, organize, coordinate and control the measures to be taken. 
  • Congress approval of a law ruling the measures to tackle the emergency on Public Health due to COVID-19. 
  • Implementation of a Crisis Committee to supervise and monitor the impacts of COVID-19 (Presidential Level). 
  • Interruption of in-person classes to online classes 
  • Implementation of a Congressional Commission to monitor the fiscal situation of the measures related to tackle the virus outbreak 
  • Change on procurement procedures to facilitate and speedup the processes
  • Decree establishing the public services considered essential to tackle the outbreak.

  • 4. Customs

  •  Regulation prescribing anticipated release of goods prior the inspection and clearance, according to HS Classification Reference from the WCO.
  • Implementation of a Special License for the exports of goods to tackle the virus outbreak 
  • Implementation of previous authorization for the exports of chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine as raw materials, semi-finished or finished products. 
  • Prioritizing the destination of goods seized, according to the HS Classification Reference from the WCO
  •  Daily monitoring of the clearance of goods to tackle the virus outbreak, according to the HS Classification Reference from the WCO 
  • Redistribution of workload on postal and express consignments, due to the reduction of in and out bound parcels 
  • Production of online courses on customs matters, due to the leave of customs officers 
  • Reduction of duties and taxes for the imports of goods to tackle the virus outbreak, according to the HS Classification Reference from WCO 
  • Orientation for all Customs Officers on the need to wear the necessary IPE (individual Protective Equipment): Gloves, glasses, masks… 
  • Implementation of a Customs Operational Center for Crisis Management, competent to supervise, monitor and guide the customs processes.

5. Economics

  •  Additional Credit for the ministries of Education and Defense 
  • Additional Credit for states and municipalities 
  • Facilitation of credit for bank institutions 
  • Reduction of duties and taxes 
  • Delay of up to 12 months for the reimbursement of airway tickets

Further Information:

titleSource: Presidency

Ordinance No. 125, OF MARCH 19, 2020
It provides for the exceptional and temporary restriction of entry into the country of foreigners from the countries it lists, as recommended by the National Health Surveillance Agency. Art. 5 The restriction referred to in this Ordinance does not apply to traffic of road cargo transportation, in accordance with current legislation;


Dispõe sobre a restrição excepcional e temporária de entrada no País de estrangeiros oriundos dos países que relaciona, conforme recomendação da Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária. Art. 5º A restrição de que trata esta Portaria não impede o livre tráfego do transporte rodoviário de cargas, na forma da legislação vigente;

Contact information:

titleSource: ANTAQ - National Agency of Waterborne Transport

Resolution No 7,653, March 31, 2020: Establish measures in response to the public health emergency in the field of waterborne passenger transport and port facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Resolution No 7,653, March 31, 2020: Estabelece medidas em resposta à emergência de saúde pública no âmbito do transporte aquaviário de passageiros e nas instalações portuárias em razão da pandemia do COVID-19.

More information:

titleRemarks from the International Road Transport Union


IRU member NTC & Logística has reported that in spite of the critical situation in Brazil, and considering the crisis ahead, all entities representing road freight transport and logistics are committed to sharing as much information as possible with transporters:

“We are monitoring all measures being taken by public and private agencies in relation to traffic, working conditions, preventive measures for the health and safety of employees and service providers, the closing of establishments, problems and difficulties in fulfilling their transportation contracts, restrictions of any kind and all measures of an economic nature that are being studied by the government, in all areas.

The situation calls for organised planning and responsibility in guaranteeing the supply of essential items concerning public health, i.e. items in relation to personal hygiene, medicines, food and hospital supplies, as well as other priorities.

We are aware of the concern of businesses in the sector and their desire to maintain that business, along with jobs and their financial commitments, and we confirm that we are in constant discussion with the government on all levels.

The link below accesses a guide to actions that can be taken by companies in relation to labour issues, which will be updated as the government discloses new legislative measures on this matter: Coronavirus Specific Legislation Impacting Operations.”

Source: NCT & Logística