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1. Without prejudice to the other provisions of these regulations and to any other provisions applicable, boatmasters shall, on approaching and passing through movable bridges, obey any instructions given to them by the bridge staff to ensure safe and orderly navigation or quick passage. The boatmaster of a vessel shall announce his intention to navigate through the bridge to the bridge operators by means of a long blast or radiotelephone.


If they cannot or do not wish to pass through the bridge, and if boards bearing the sign B.5 (annex 7) are placed on the bank, they shall stop short of those boards.


5. The red lights referred to in paragraph 4 above may be replaced by red-white-red boards (sign A.1, annex 7), the green lights by green-white-green boards (sign E.1, annex 7) and the yellow lights by yellow boards (sign D.1, annex 7).

6. The bridge operator is obliged to have on or near the bridge a radiotelephone device corresponding to the provisions of Article 4.05. For the entire duration of the navigation through the bridge, the radiotelephone device must remain switched on.