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With respect to section II of Chapter 3, the competent authorities may decide not to require vessels under way to carry day markings.



Note by the secretariat:

In accordance with article 9.04, paragraph 1, the following administrations do not require vessels under way to carry day markings:

1. Belarus: the carriage of day markings by vessels under way is not envisaged;
2. Germany: there is no marking required for the dragging of side-by-side formations (article 3.11, paragraph 2 of CEVNI), no day marking requirements for ferry-boats (article 3.16 of CEVNI); no alternative marking foreseen in the cases mentioned in article 3.20 paragraph 1 (sentence 2) and article 3.20 paragraphs 2 and 3 of CEVNI. No marks are foreseen for vessels with limited manoeuverability, for fishing vessels which drag nets, for vessels engaged in mine-sweeping operations or pilotage service;
3. Russian Federation:deviations from CEVNI requirements concerning day marking are considerable;
4. Turkey;
5. Ukraine: there are no national rules on day markings, except for articles 3.27, 3.28 and 3.36 para. 1;
6. Mosel Commission: the carriage of day markings is only required from towed convoys; pushed towed convoys; vessels carrying certain dangerous goods; vessels authorized to carry more than 12 passengers with a length of less than 20 m; vessels enjoying priority of passage and vessels under way which are impossible to control. Night markings, however, should be carried in reduced visibility.