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Entry restriction to non-Hungarian citizens (16.03.2020)

Pursuant to the decision of the Government, Hungarian authorities will close the borders of Hungary from passenger traffic, so from 00:00 on 17 March 2020, only Hungarian citizens will be allowed to enter the country. The restriction relates to all road, railway, water and air borders.

Start date: 17.03.2020

End date: not available

Further information:

Temporary and limited relaxation of the enforcement of driving and rest times for the drivers of vehicles (20.03.2020)

Hungary has notified a temporary and limited relaxation of the enforecement of driving and rest times for the drivers involved in domestic and international transport under Article 14(2) of Regulation (EC) No 561/2006.

Start date: 21.03.2020

End date: 19.04.2020

Further information:

Remarks from the International Road Transport Union


According to the European Commission, Hungary granted relaxations on driving and rest times rules. Relaxations apply until 31 May to all drivers involved in national and international transport of goods being performed within Hungary. Provisions from EU Regulation 561/2006 derogated from:

-   Art. 6(1): replacement of the maximum daily driving limit of 9 hours with one of 11 hours;

-   Art. 6(2): replacement of the maximum weekly driving limit of 56 hours with one of 60 hours;

-   Art. 6(3): replacement of the maximum fortnightly driving limit of 90 hours with one of 105 hours;

-   Art. 7: replacement of the minimum daily breaks requirements by imposing a break of 45 minutes after 5 and a half hours;

-   Art. 8(2): Reduction of the daily rest requirements from 11 to 9 hours;

-   Art. 8(6): reduction of the regular weekly rest period from 45 hours to 24 hours, provided that the reduction shall be compensated by an equivalent period of rest taken en bloc before the end of the third week following the week in question OR

-   Art. 8(6): postponement of a weekly rest period from six to seven 24-hour period.

Source: MKFE



With effect from midnight, 17 March, Hungary has closed its internal and external borders. Hungarian citizens and close relatives travelling with them (including those not resident in Hungary) will still be allowed to enter the country.

According to the government decree nr 81/2020, article 3 (7), provisions of articles 2 and 3 of this government decree, these restrictions do not apply to freight traffic.

Goods transports arriving and departing from Hungarian destinations, as well as those in transit, are allowed to cross the state border and continue the journey without restrictions, but only through the designated border points (transit routes are highlighted in blue): here.

- Stops are only permitted at designated rest areas and fuel stations;

- Transport operators must have police stamps;

- Only the driver is permitted in the cabin; no passengers (no double-manning);

- Drivers should cross the territory as quickly and efficiently as possible, without the violation of any traffic rules - police procedures are in place at the points of exit.

Official webpage of the Government here.

Source: MKFE



MKFE is providing all information related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) relevant to foreign hauliers on an up-to-date webpage in English. The following information has been added to this site:

As of 28 March 2020 the official quarantine (for a period of fourteen days after crossing the border) for the Hungarian truck drivers not showing symptoms of COVID-19, if the destination is Hungary,is no more applicable. The other dispositions of the resolution of Chief Medical Officer issued on 27 March remain unchanged.

This disposition should help reduce the bottlenecks observed at the border crossing points on Friday.

Source: MKFE



The National Chief Medical Officer has issued a new resolution (already in force), and the following rules enter into force:

Art 6. Road freight transport drivers are to undergo a medical examination; and

a) Those who are not showing symptoms of COVID-19:

(aa) As a Hungarian citizen, if the destination is Hungary, the person must undergo official quarantine for a period of fourteen days after crossing the border.

(ab) As a foreign national, if the destination is Hungary, the person must leave the country within 24 hours from unloading the consignment.

(ac) In the case of transit traffic, the person has to leave the territory of Hungary in the shortest possible time and on the designated transit route.

(ad) Must wear a face mask and rubber gloves when travelling in Hungary.

b) Those who are showing symptoms of COVID-19:

(ba)Hungarian citizens will be housed in a designated quarantine facility.

(bb) Non-Hungarian citizens cannot enter the territory of Hungary.

Only Art 6.a) (ab), (ac), (ad), and Art 6.b) (bb) are applicable for international road freight transport drivers who are not Hungarian citizens.

The text of the resolution is available in Hungarian here.

Source: MKFE


Hungary has closed its internal and external borders for passenger transport operations with effect from 00:00 17 March. Hungarian citizens and close relatives travelling with them (including those not resident in Hungary) will still be allowed to enter the country.

MKFE has communicated its vision of the situation at border crossing points here (last update on 21/03 afternoon).

MKFE and the Hungarian Government are doing everything possible to ensure continuous and unhindered cross-border freight transport operations.

Source: MKFE

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