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Informal Working Group on Protective Helmets

1 st meeting, 14 th May 2018

Geneva, Palais des Nations

Draft Minutes

  1. Attendance

The Informal Working Group on Protective Helmets (IWG-PH) held its 1 st   meeting in Geneva the 14 th May 2018, chaired by Mr. Luca Rocco (Italy). Experts from the following countries participated in the work: France; Germany; Netherland; Republic of Korea, Spain, Switzerland. Expert of the following non-governmental organizations participated: Consumer International (CI); Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA); Federation Internationale of Motocyclisme (FIM); World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA).

  1. Approval of the agenda

IWG-PH considered and adopted the draft agenda proposed for the 1 st meeting.

  1. Work of the Task Force

The Chair of IWH-PH informed about the discussion occurred in the sixty-second session of GRSP (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/62) that concluded to ask to WP.29 to establish an IWG to update UN Regulation No. 22. He also informed about the positive decision of WP.29 (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/1137).

  1. Draft Term of Reference

The Chair give an illustration on draft Term of Reference sent in advance by Email to last GRSP participants. Germany asked that changes to UN-R 22 shall be based on accident data analysis and to take on board in the list of features of new requirements also the removable chinguard  and sunshield. Netherland asked to consider in new test and criteria also the harmonization/optimization of the headforms and to introduce year of production among information to show to the consumer.

  1. Date and place of the next meeting, expected outcome

The next meeting will be held on 10 th December 2018 at the same venue of 64 th session of GRSP.