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10 th meeting of the GRSG informal group on

the introduction of plastic glazing for windscreens and laminated plastic panes other than windscreens in UN Regulation N°43



Venue : Volkswagen AG

Forschung und Entwicklung

Gate “LKW Wache”, Research Building (Forschungsgebäude)

Entrance 111  EG

Room:  “Kleiner Hörsaal

38400 – Wolfsburg


Contact by VW: Ralf Meyer, Department EGNM/O, Tel.: 32244


Chairman : Dr. Klaus Preu er (D) ( )

Secretariat : Mr. Olivier Fontaine (OICA) ( )


Duration of the sessions : starting at 2:00 pm on 17   June and finishing at 4:30 pm on 18   June


Note : Any comments or documents relating to this meeting should be sent to the OICA Secretariat ( ) in e-format well in advance of the meeting, so that documents can be made available to the UNECE secretariat for publication on the WP29 website.



  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Approval of the agenda
    Document: IGPG-10-01 (Chair)
  3. Revision and approval of the draft minutes of the 8 th meeting

Document: IGPG-09-05 (Chair)


  1.          Definition of the pass/fail values

Document: GRSG-106-16 (IGPG informal group)


Wiper laboratory test:

        Location of the measurement points across the sample (reference in paragraph, Figure 16)

        Number of test cycle number (Annex 17, paragraphs,, 4.9.6. and, Annex 19, paragraph

        Pass/fail criterion (Annex 17, paragraph, Annex 19, paragraph  



  1.          Final review the draft regulatory text (Regulation No.43)

Document: GRSG-106-16 (IGPG informal group)

IGPG-10-02 (Secretary)

The experts may wish to have a final revision of the amendments to UN   R43. In addition, the Secretary aims at producing a document providing the justifications to all the amendments and decisions made in the group for tracing the background of the decisions (document IGPG-10-02 – soon available).


  1. Review of ISO group progress (Taber test)


  1. Further discussion of the draft regulatory text

Document: GRSG-106-16 (IGPG informal group)



  1. Schedule for further IG meetings

IGPG-10 Wolfsburg (Autostadt) 17-18 June 2014

GRSG-107 Geneva 30 Sept – 3 Oct 2014


  1.         Any other business