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48 th PMP Meeting 7 - 8 November 2018


Joint Research Centre, Ispra

Via Enrico Fermi 2749, Ispra (VA) 21027, Italy





► 7 h November 2018 @ 10:00H



  1. Welcome & Introduction


  1. Calibration
  •         Update on PNC round robin results
  •         Update on PNC calibration sub-group


  1. Sub-23nm
  • Define roadmap/elements to support possible regulatory update of the Particle Number measurement to sub-23nm (11:30 CEST)
  • Update on Horizon 2020 projects on sub-23 nm particles (projects’ presentations)
    • DownToTen
    • Surreal
    • Pems4nano
  • Round robin presentation:
    • Extension to Japan, US, China?


  1. Update on raw exhaust sampling
  • ACEA/JRC presentation on PN Counting from Raw Exhaust via Fixed Dilution and round robin project” provided by JRC
  • Discussion for possible extension to China?


  1. Update on the effect of gasoline characteristics on PN emissions


  1. Presentation on “Correcting particle losses” by David Kittelson (15:00 CEST )



End of Day 1 @ 17:30H



► 8 th November 2018 @ 09:00H


  1. Welcome & Introduction


  1. Step 1 Development of a novel braking test cycle


  • Update on the work done by the dedicated TF and update on the on-going round robin (Theodoros GRIGORATOS – JRC/TF1)
  • Real world application of the novel cycle in the framework of the CARB Project (Carlos AGUDELO – Link)


  1. Steps 2&3 – Selection of the most suitable sampling method and the most suitable methodology for brake particles measurement and characterization


  • Presentation “Effect of the sampling point on PN and PM values” from a collaborative project of ITT, Dekati, PSA and TU Ostrava with the aim of studying the effect on PN and PM values using different sampling points (Jana KUKUTSCHOVÁ – TU Ostrava)
  • Presentation regarding the "Recent activity for brake wear particle emission measurement using JARI system" from the on-going brake measurement project in JARI (Hiro HAGINO –JASIC/JARI)


  1. Follow-up discussion on the impact of future technologies on brake particle emissions 


  • Presentation on "Influence of recuperation on the emission behavior of friction brakes" from the on-going common project of BMW and TU Ilmenau (David HESSE – TU Ilmenau)


  1. Presentation on the expectations of the UK Department of Transport regarding the call for evidence on BRAKE, TYRE AND ROAD SURFACE WEAR (Duncan KAY – UK Department for Transport)


  1. Tyre testing 


  • Presentation “Development of Tire Dust Emission Measurement for Passenger Vehicles” from an on-going project of Tonegawa, JARI with the aim of studying on road tyre wear particles separately from road wear particles ( Yoshio TONEGAWA – JASIC)
  • Presentation "A New Approach to Characterize Tyre Particle Emissions" as part of a pre-development project between Audi and TU Ilmenau with the aim of developing a testing method proposal to determine tyre particle emissions  (Sebastian GRAMSTAT – AUDI)


  1. Presentation “Tyre and Road Wear Particles: The tyre industry perspective.” for a collaborative approach on Tyre and Road wear particles (Marianna FAINO – ETRMA)


  1. Arrangements for the next meeting


End of Day 2 @ 16:00H