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Draft minutes the first meeting of the
Informal Working Group (IWG) on
Periodical Technical Inspection (PTI)


On 20 May 2015, 09:00 – 17:00

In RDW, Europaweg 205, 2711 ER in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands




Mr. Peter Striekwold, RDW, The Netherlands

Dr Vitaly Komarov, Ministry of Transport / NIIAT, Russia

Mr. Hens Peeters Weem, RDW, The Netherlands

Mr. Eugène Moerkerk, OICA, The Netherlands

Mr. Duncan Buchanan, Department for Transport, UK

Mr. Erik Asplund, Transport Safety Agency, Finland

Mr. Christian Uta, Romanian Automotive Register, Romania

Mr. Marek Zöller, BASt, Germany

Mr. Rainer Krautscheid, BASt, Germany

Mr. Ralph Schröder, FSD, Germany

Mr. Jean-Sébastien Morelle, SPW, Belgium

Mr. François Cuenot, Transport and Environment, EU

Mr. Vladan Popovic, AMSS-CMV, Serbia

Mr. Vladimir Papic, AMSS-CMV, Serbia

Mr. Jacques Marmy, IRU, Switzerland

Mr. Masahito Yamashita, JASIC, Japan

Mr. Eduard Fernández, CITA, Belgium


Agenda item 1 – Welcome


Mr. Striekwold welcomed all attendees and each one introduced himself.


              Agenda item 2 – Election of Officers


The group elected Dr. Vitaly Komarov, from the Russian Federation, as Co-Chair. This completes the appointment of The Netherlands for the Chair and CITA for the Secretariat agreed during the 165 th session of the WP.29.


              Agenda item 3 – Adoption of the agenda


The agenda was unanimously approved without amendments.


              Agenda item 4 – Report of the highlights of the March 2015 session of WP.29


Mr. Peter Striekwold followed the presentation of the document PTI-01-07, and explained the background and motivations for the creation of the working group and the mandate of the WP.29. Reference document: ECE/TRANS/WP.29/1112.


              Agenda item 5 – Review of proposals for Terms of References and Rules of Procedures for the IWG on PTI


The group discussed the proposal for Terms of Reference presented by Dr. Komarov (document PTI-01-03). The amended document, once approved by the group, has the reference PTI-01-05.


The IWG agreed to present that document as “Informal Document” at the 166-th session of WP.29 to be held 23-26 June 2015 in Geneva.


              Agenda Item 6 – Any Other Business


6.1. Task schedule and assignments


The group agreed on the following task schedule and assignments:


Item b) of the ToR - Provisions for conformity of periodical technical inspection process


  • Draft proposal to amend the 1997 Vienna Agreement: end of June 2015, developed by the Co-Chairs.
  • Comments of the group, sent to the Secretariat by e-mail: not later 30.10.2015.
  • Meeting: November 18th, 2015 (to be confirmed).


Item c) of the ToR - Completing draft amendments to Rule 1 and Rule 2


  • Draft proposal to amend Rule 1 and Rule 2: end of July 2015, developed by CITA.
  • Comments of the group, sent to the Secretariat by e-mail: not later 30.10.2015.
  • Meeting: November 18th, 10:00 h –Brussels, RDW or CITA.


Item (d) Development of new rules for vehicles and their parts and equipment

The Group agreed that additional aspects of assessing the roadworthiness of vehicles, equipped with alternative propulsion-systems and incorporating new technologies have to be considered in dedicated, additional, Rules in case it is not possible or reasonable to incorporate them in the general Rules.


  • Draft Rule on LPG/CNG vehicles: March 2016, developed by CITA.
  • Draft Rule on electric and hybrid vehicles: November 2016, developed by CITA.
  • Proposal for possible further steps: June 2017.


The schedule may be corrected depending on the progress in implementation and approval procedures.


6.2. Closing of the meeting


Co-Chairs thanked all attendees and closed the meeting.