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Conference Call Meeting

(Secretary Notes in Red)


July 22 , 2020


Time: Start: CET 13:00, EST 7:00, WET 12:00, JST 20:00

End:  CET 15:00, EST 9:00, WET 14:00, JST 22:00

Venue: GoToMeeting Conference Call ONLY


Contact: Mr. Scott Schmidt (Cell: +1 202 841 2139)




Chairpersons : The Netherlands : Mr. Tim Guiting


Secretariat : OICA Mr. Scott Schmidt


  1. General:


1.1.    Welcome and Introduction


1.2.    Anti-trust rules


Secretary provided antitrust guidance to industry delegates.


1.3.    Approval of the reports of the previous sessions


Document: SG-EDR-08-02-Agenda 8th Joint EDR SG & EDR - DDSAD IWG conference call meeting Secretary Notes.docx


Minutes were approved as presented.

1.4.    Approval of the agenda


Document: SG-EDR-09-02-Agenda 9 th SG-EDR conference call meeting


Agenda was reviewed and approved as presented.


  1. EDR for Nov 2020 delivery drafting activity


2.1.    Review of GRSG-118 discussion and decisions  


Documents:  GRSG-118-13(IWG on EDR/DSSAD)Event Data Recorder (EDR) Performance Elements Appropriate for Adoption in 1958 and 1998 Agreements


GRSG-118-14(IWG on EDR/DSSAD)Proposal for a new UN Regulation on Event Data Recorder


Chair noted that the July GRSG was an abbreviated session without translations and thus decisions made in that meeting required a 10 day period for them to become final. 


GRSG provisionally approved the draft EDR regulation (58 agreement) and EDR performance elements appropriate for adoption in 1958 and 1998 agreements documents for submission to WP.29/AC.1 at its November 2020 session pending final review at the GRSG October 2020 meeting.


China gave a presentation supporting their request that GRSG include test procedures into the approved draft regulation to be submitted to WP.29.  GRSG referred consideration of test procedures back to the EDR/DSSAD IWG for resolution.


2.2.    Chairs outline of work plan to facilitate resolution of remaining issues (below) in time for October 2020 GRSG meeting


  •    Data Elements
  •    Overwriting
  •    Test procedures
  •    Number of required events


Chairs detailed the results of a call between the Chairs, China, EC, and OICA to discuss the best way to resolve the remaining open issues (listed above). 


Focus for this meeting is to resolve the overwriting, test procedures and any unresolved definitions. If resolution cannot be achieved at this meeting, small WG’s will be created to work on these through August.


EDR Data elements will be addressed at the September meetings with the require number of events to be resolved last (since it is dependent on the number of data elements that are recorded per event).


EC briefed the group on the results of a prior meeting with the 58 agreement to finalize the 58 agreement specific provisions specifically; requirements to store recorded data in the vehicle, required VRU triggering, and prohibition of EDR deactivation.  However, Japan is confirming its preliminary approval of the VRU triggering issue.


OICA mentioned that it had developed a proposal for alternative text for the definition of “type”.  


China questioned the status of VRU and rollover in the GRSG approved document.  It was determined that rollover was currently in the Step 2 section and VRU was in the step 1 document.  China appeared to still have concerns with the current language, and it was agreed to take this issue offline to resolve.


Germany asked that consideration of “jerk” as a triggering criterion be included in list of step 2 items.


EC indicated that the current list is “provisional” and still open for items to be added.


Chairs asked the WG to submit their goals and what they want to achieve in step 2 to them.




WG noted the similarities between options #1 and #3.  OICA noted that additional definitions would need to be developed to facilitate requirements for chronological recording. SG decided to explore combining option #1 and #3 offline.  EC suggested adding elements of option #2 to the combined option #1/#3.


WG did not reach consensus on the addition of the option #2 language as drafted but agreed to consider possible “additional restrictions” to the combined option #1 & #3 language to be developed.  Small WG chaired by the US will be convened to develop consensus language.


“Crash Test Performance and Survivability” (consideration of additional test procedures)


China detailed why they believe specific test procedures (including component tests) were needed. 


US and EU indicated that they have been using EDR data for many years and not seen any significant field issues with survivability and data accuracy. 


Chairs concluded that there was not agreement to add additional test procedures in step 1 and asked China to provide more information documenting the need for additional test procedures and component tests to support consideration in Step 2.




Since there is no draft text for some of the potential definitions, the chair determined to take this item to a small group to work.


Section “Rear Impact”


It was noted that rear impacts will already be recorded per  In addition, it was noted when the proposed locking criteria was reached the vehicle damage would be severe enough that it would not be driven (probably “totalled”) an thus there was little risk that the recorded (but not locked) data would be overwritten.  It was pointed out that manufacturers would have to revise their software to add this locking requirement.  Thus, there would be additional cost will little to no practical benefit.


EC indicated that this rationale also applied to the frontal case (Section as well).


Given a lack of consensus and time, this topic was tabled for future consideration.  China was asked to further consider the information/positions suggesting that in real-world events the data would be recorded and while not locked, there would be very little likelihood that it would be subsequently overwritten.


OICA Proposed Modification to Definition of “Type”


WG reviewed and approved OICA’s proposed revision to the “type” definition.  Secretary to make changes to the 58 agreement regulation document.


Proposed Modifications to 58 Agreement Regulatory Text.


EC detailed the proposed revisions to the 58 Agreement regulatory text (document to be posted).


US indicated that it wanted some additional time to verify that it compliments and is not contrary to the common requirements.

  1. List of action items and schedule of future SG/IWG and subgroup conference call meetings


Next Meetings:


3 September 2020 SG-EDR

15 September 2020 SG-EDR

16 September 2020 EDR-DSSAD IWG

Small Groups:


Overwriting – US to chair, EC to propose draft language





China to provide GRSG test procedure justification presentation for proposal.

Further discuss offline “rear impact”

Further review proposed 58 Agreement text modifications and OICA “type” definition modification proposal.

WG to submit their goals and what they want to achieve in step 2 to the Secretary/Chairs.


  1. Adjourn