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Conference Call Meeting


July 22 , 2020


Time: Start: CET 13:00, EST 7:00, WET 12:00, JST 20:00

End:  CET 15:00, EST 9:00, WET 14:00, JST 22:00

Venue: GoToMeeting Conference Call ONLY


Contact: Mr. Scott Schmidt (Cell: +1 202 841 2139)




Chairpersons : The Netherlands : Mr. Tim Guiting


Secretariat : OICA Mr. Scott Schmidt


  1. General:


1.1.    Welcome and Introduction


1.2.    Anti-trust rules


1.3.    Approval of the reports of the previous sessions


Document: SG-EDR-08-02-Agenda 8th Joint EDR SG & EDR - DDSAD IWG conference call meeting Secretary Notes.docx

1.4.    Approval of the agenda


Document: SG-EDR-09-02-Agenda 9 th SG-EDR conference call meeting


  1. EDR for Nov 2020 delivery drafting activity


2.1.    Review of GRSG-118 discussion and decisions  


Documents:  GRSG-118-13(IWG on EDR/DSSAD)Event Data Recorder (EDR) Performance Elements Appropriate for Adoption in 1958 and 1998 Agreements


GRSG-118-14(IWG on EDR/DSSAD)Proposal for a new UN Regulation on Event Data Recorder


2.2.    Chairs outline of work plan to facilitate resolution of remaining issues (below) in time for October 2020 GRSG meeting


  •    Data Elements
  •    Overwriting
  •    Test procedures
  •    Number of required events

  1. List of action items and schedule of future SG/IWG and subgroup conference call meetings


  1. Adjourn