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TF-Data Elements-06

Conference Call Meeting

(Secretary’s Notes in Red)


October 21, 2020


Time: Start: CET 13:00, EST 7:00, WET 12:00, JST 20:00

End:  CET 15:00, EST 9:00, WET 14:00, JST 22:00

Venue: GoToMeeting Conference Call ONLY


Contact: Mr. Scott Schmidt (Cell: +1 202 841 2139)




Chairpersons : Netherlands: Mr. Tim Guiting (This meeting Chaired by Jane Doherty)


Secretariat : OICA: Mr. Scott Schmidt


  1. General:


1.1.    Welcome and Introduction


It was reported that the Chair (Tim Guiting) was unable to chair this meeting.  In his absence Jane Doherty chaired this meeting.


1.2.    Anti-trust rules


Secretary provided anti-trust guidance to the industry delegates.


1.3.    Approval of Minutes


Document: TF-Data Elements-05-01 Agenda Secretarys Notes


Secretary’s notes were approved as presented.

1.4.    Approval of the agenda


Document: TF-Data Elements-06-01 Agenda


Agenda was approved as presented.


  1. Review of additional Data Elements to identify elements and lead-time requirements appropriate for inclusion in UNECE Performance Elements Appropriate for Adoption in 1958 and 1998 Agreements document Step 1 and Step 2. 


Documents:  TF-Data Elements-06-02 Data Elements Working Document


Secretary informed the TF that he received the following relevant documents immediately before the meeting:

  •    TRL – justifications for Brake application data elements
  •    China – Further comments/justifications on data elements


Secretary indicated that he would post these documents and for the TRL justifications as a document reference to the applicable location on the data elements worksheet.  For the comments/justifications from China the secretary will add them to the data elements worksheet after this meeting.


As detailed from the EDR-DSSAD-09 session data elements will need to be evaluated with respect to both their cost as well as benefits.  However, it was observed that total cost burden cannot simply be the straight addition of the singular cost to add each element since the addition of multiple data elements can and should be implemented in “batches”.  In addition, providing adequate lead-time can significantly reduce the cost burden.  As such, the TF decided to first evaluate data elements on their benefits, while flagging those that will require system modification to implement, and reserve discussions of cost until the list has been paired down to only those with demonstrated benefits.


TF resumed evaluation of potential data elements – See updated data elements worksheet for specific conclusions and comments – TF-Data Elements-06-02 Data Element Working Document rev 1.  Data elements shaded in green indicate agreement on the data element for step 1.  Data elements shaded in tan are agreed to consider in step 2.  Data elements that are struck through have been agreed to be deleted from the list. Data elements that are not shaded nor deleted are still under discussion. 


Review of the data elements resumed with consideration of the commanded brake request elements.  TRL’s justifications were discussed and the TF concluded that brake request magnitude data elements have benefit.  However, there was discussion about which was the best to record. OICA took an action to provide a recommendation on which of the brake request magnitude data elements should be recorded including data format.


As indicated as part of the EDR-DSSAD-09 meeting, comments were received from Tesla and Bosch that were not able to be incorporated in the GRSG document.  Since they were technical in nature, OICA offered to review them and bring forward those that OICA believes need to be considered by the IWG.  Chair indicated that this input was welcome, but since the TF was focusing on data elements, discussion of any corrections/revisions to the main documents/draft UN Reg would have to wait for the next SG-EDR or EDR-DSSAD meeting.

  1. List of conclusions, action items, and schedule of future TF-Overwrite meetings


OICA was tasked to provide a recommendation on which of the brake request magnitude data elements should be recorded including data format.


TF-Data Elements-07 conference call meeting was scheduled for October 29, 2020 from 7-9am US Eastern time.


  1. Adjourn