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Comments from UK (2018-11-26)


We have reviewed the draft text and our main comments and questions are as follows:


  • We have a preference for the inclusion of a pause switch for use at night time and early morning.


  • As you will be aware there are prohibitions on the use of reversing alarms between the hours of 23:30 and 07:00 within the UK. This is in place to reduce both annoyance and health impacts associated with sleep disturbance. This requirement is found within Regulation 99 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, which was shared at the initial meeting of the TF. This was also noted in the UK’s survey answers.
  • Whilst we think that the use of multiple sound levels is a sensible approach for gaining the correct balance between noise disturbance and road safety, we are currently unsure that the “low” level will be sufficient in achieving its goal of improving safety whilst also minimising sleep disturbance.   For these reasons we would prefer the option of a pause switch, but with a default of the reversing alarm being on when the vehicle is started.
  • On the basis that the use of reversing alarms is not currently mandatory for many contracting parties, the allowance of a pause switch does not seem unreasonable.


  • The meaning of “Automatically adjustable” and “Automatically non-adjustable” is not entirely clear.


  • These terms are used in,, and
  • It might be a good idea to define this somewhere in the text as I believe the wording could be misinterpreted.
  • Would automatically adjustable refer to the ability for a user to select a mode or for the reversing alarm to automatically adjust to different sound levels?
  • If user selectable modes are not permitted then is the task force confident that the automatic adjustment would correctly address all situations? I note the presentation presented by JASIC at the last task force meeting (TFRA-03-07) which expressed a preference for a user selectable switch to allow an additional level of user judgement for the environment in which they are operating.


Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the next TF meeting on the 11 th and 12 th of December as this conflicts with two other meetings that I must attend on those dates. I am, however, happy to discuss these points further (either by email or phone call) before the meeting if you have any questions.


Kind Regards,

David Miles