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P rovisional Agenda of the 5 th meeting of VMAD IWG

Conference room on the 4 rd floor of Zen- N ihon Truck Sogo Kaikan where JASIC is located on the 7 th floor

14:30 – 17:30 on January 15 (Wednesday), 2020: FRAV-VMAD Joint session on the 4 th Floor

9 : 3 0 17:00 on January 16 (Thursday), 2020: VMAD IWG meeting Day 1 on the 4th Floor

9:30 – 17:00 on January 17 (Friday), 2020: VMAD IWG meeting Day 2 on the 4th Floor



Agenda Item

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Adoption of the agenda


T. Secretary


Adoption of the report of the 4 th VMAD meeting

VMAD-0 5 -01

T. Secretary

3 .

Considera tion of Task 1-4 below, after the report from Subgroups on their work progress.


Task 1. Completion of Informal document to address new test and assessment methods (including CEL) when applied to ALKS

Task 2. First draft from all 3 subgroups for validation methods (why, what, how)

Task 3. Review of common principles for safety of automated vehicles

Task 4. If available, consider by VMAD the ACSF/ALKS proposal for validation method


Group (1a): Traffic Scenarios

Group (2a): Audit/ Virtual testing/ In-use data reporting

Group (2b): Test track/ Real-world testing




SG 1a

SG 2a

SG 2a


ALKS Testing Protocol s

-          ALKS technical requirements for testing

-          Annex X “Test specifications for ALKS”

-          Proposal for technical requirements for an ALKS

-          ALKS test matrix






France and Germany

5 .

Coverage Driven Verification; overview



6 .

Sub-group concurrent meetings

-          Discuss remaining issues identified by each of Sub-group

-          Discuss and update the roadmap and working schedule for each Sub-group



7 .





AOB , Future meetings;

- April 1 6 (Thursday) and 17 (Friday) 2020 , CCFA in Paris

- September 10 (T h u r sday) and 11 ( Friday ) 2020, NVIDIA in Santa Clara

- November 5 (T h u r sday) and 6 ( Fri day) 2020, EC in Brussels

- January 2021, in Asia?