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Draft agenda of the 8 th Session

GRSG informal group on

awareness of Vulnerable Road Users proximity

in low speed manoeuvres (VRU-Proxi)



Dates: 5-7 February 2019

Time: Start at 9:30 am on the first day and finish at 5:00 pm on the last day

Venue: Nissan Global Headquarters

               1-1-1 Takashima

Nishi-ku, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa 220-8686


Contact: Mr. Akinari Hirao, Ph. D., CPE (NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd.)

Tel: +81-50-3547-6168



Confirmation: Please confirm your attendance to this meeting to the VRU-Proxi secretary from OICA (Johan Broeders, email: )



  1. Adoption of the agenda


Document: VRU-Proxi-08-01 (Chair)



  1. Adoption of the report of the 7 th session (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany)


Document: VRU-Proxi-07-07 (Chair)



  1. Accidentology


Document: VRU-Proxi-08-02 (EC/TRL)


OICA may present an update of the accidentology presentation after discussion on the previous sessions.


EC has commissioned TRL for accident analysis, TRL and/or EC may present the status of this analysis.



  1. Forward motion Vehicle turning - Blind Spot Information System


Documents: GRSG-115-10-Rev.1



The VRU-Proxi group has submitted the final proposal for the BSIS regulation to the 115 th session of GRSG in October 2018. After agreement on the open points the BSIS regulation was adopted by the 115 th GRSG and will be submitted as a new draft UN Regulation to WP.29 March 2019 session. The chair of the group may put some words to this first deliverable of the VRU-Proxi group.



  1. Reversing motion


Documents: VRU-Proxi-08-03 (Japan)

VRU-Proxi-08-04 (Loughborough University)

The group is expected to make progress toward their objective 4   (b) of the revised Terms of Reference: Reversing motion (e.g. Camera Monitoring Systems CMS or detection system) to be finalized before 116th session of GRSG (April 2019).


The group shall review the full latest proposal line-by-line in order to consolidate a commonly agreed regulatory proposal for Reversing motion. Referring to the discussions in the 7 th VRU-Proxi meeting and 115 th GRSG meeting the following shall be taken into consideration:

  • Intention is to submit the proposal as a new 05 series of amendments to ECE R46;
  • Feasibility of application in relation to the WVTA (FR to check);
  • Assessments of direct vision to the rear (provided by Loughborough University, see link: );
  • Need for recognition of VRU and other obstacles (in case of detection system);
  • Definition of head rest position;
  • Definition of field of view/detection:
  • Definition of scope for application, exemptions and excluding special conditions;
  • Definition of transitional provisions.


Contracting Parties and OICA to present possible test procedures for approval of reversing detection systems according the regulation as proposed by Japan.


Objective is to finalize a line-by-line reviewed and accepted informal document for the 116 th GRSG as replacement of the draft working document that will be submitted to GRSG early January 2019 by Japan (on behalf of the VRU-Proxi-group as agreed in the 115 th GRSG).



  1. Forward motion Vehicle driving straight or taking off from standstill


Document: VRU-Proxi-08-05 (Japan)


The group is expected to make proceedings on the objective 4   (a) of the revised Terms of Reference: Vehicle driving straight or taking off from standstill by e.g. CMS or detection system (for 118th session of GRSG in April 2020).


Japan to present a proposal on field of view around vehicle front and passenger side and the group will discuss the proposal.


The group shall discuss proposals and ideas regarding regulating systems for VRU awareness in driving straight or taking-off manoeuvres:

  • Scope is heavy vehicles (trucks and buses) in low speed and taking-off manoeuvres;
  • Regulation for warning and not for active braking;
  • Starting point for detection area: length according legal Class VI mirror field of view and width equal to width of the vehicle;
  • To be debated whether or not a similar approach to reversing safety, concerning a multi-modal approach, may be followed here.



  1. Status and developments of detection and vision technologies




CLEPA to present an update of sensor capabilities in relation to detection around vehicle and in particular in distinguishing between humans and non-humans.



  1. Direct Vision


Discussion on status, progress and details will be continued in the 9 th VRU-Proxi meeting in Brussels late March 2019.



  1. Evaluation of Pedestrian and Cyclist Warning Systems for Trucks




CA and Mobileye may present an update of the running field operational tests of Pedestrian and Cyclist Warning Systems for trucks.



  1. State of play of close-proximity vision and detection rulemaking in the contracting parties


Document: VRU-Proxi-05-04 (France)


Contracting Parties are invited to report on developments in this area.


Feedback from experts of the group is expected on possible ways forward as follow-up on the presented regulation articulation proposal from FR (due to absence of most CP’s this subject was postponed from the last 7 th VRU-Proxi meeting).


The European Commission might present the status of the view of the EP members and Member States on the revision of the GSR proposal from the European Commission.



  1. Next meeting


9 th meeting: 26-28 March 2019 in Brussels, Belgium, European Commission (Breydel building, Avenue d’Auderghem 45, meeting room 12/A ‘M. Ayral’)



  1. Any Other Item