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Draft agenda of the 15 th Session

GRSG informal group on

awareness of Vulnerable Road Users proximity

in low speed manoeuvres (VRU-Proxi)



Dates: 9 th and 10 th of September 2020

Time: Start at 9:00h and finish at 12:30h CET on both days

Venue: Web meeting – Webex ( )

Webex will be opened 15 min. prior to the start of the meeting

Contact: Mr. Peter Broertjes (European Commission)

Tel: +32 229-94933



Confirmation: Please confirm your attendance to this meeting to the VRU-Proxi secretary from OICA (Mr. Johan Broeders, email: )



Proposed running order:


Day 1: Wednesday 9 th of September 2020 from 9.00h to 12.30h CET

  • Outcome of GRSG 118 (Chair)
  • State of play EU General Safety Regulation Phase 2 (EU-COM)
  • Forward motion:
    • MOIS (M2, M3, N2, N3) - Additional MOIS discussion points (OICA-CLEPA)
    • Vehicle taking off from standstill (M1, N1) - Current status (Japan)
  • Direct Vision (part 1):
    • Status Taskforce Differentiation for Direct Vision (ACEA/Apollo)


Day 2: Thursday 10 th of September 2020 from 9.00h to 12.30h CET

  • Direct Vision (part 2):
    • Physical Method Testing (LDS)
    • Limit values for the different vehicle groups within vehicle category N3
    • Direct vision regulation for N2





  1. Adoption of the agenda


Document: VRU-Proxi-15-01 (Chair)



  1. Adoption of the report of the 14 th VRU-Proxi session and follow-up meeting (Webex)


Document: VRU-Proxi-14-21 (Chair)


  1. Outcome of 118 th GRSG Session


The Chair will provide feedback from the discussions in the 118 th GRSG session (15-17 July 2020) concerning adoption of the regulations for MOIS and Reversing motion, amendment for BSIS and proposed changes to the Terms of Reference.



  1. State of play of close-proximity vision and detection rulemaking in the contracting parties


The European Commission may present the actual status regarding the General Safety Regulation Phase 2 and possible effects of the COVID-19 situation.


UK may give an update of the situation regarding the UK leaving the EU and the expected alignment with the (future) EU regulations.



  1. Forward motion Vehicle driving straight or taking off from standstill


5.1.   Moving-Off Information System




OICA/CLEPA may present open issues or new proposals for the MOIS regulation.



5.2.   Vehicle taking off from standstill (M1/N1)




J may present the current status of the proposal for regulation for vehicle taking off from standstill for categories of vehicles M1/N1.



  1. Direct Vision


6.1.   Taskforce Differentiation




ACEA/Apollo will present the status of the discussions in the Taskforce for differentiation of vehicle groups regarding the direct vision requirements.


CPs and other stakeholders may present or express their opinions and view on the proposals.






6.2.   Physical Method Testing



Loughborough Design School (LDS) will present the status and results of the physical method testing at the Millbrook proving ground.



6.3.   Limit Values for different groups of vehicles within the vehicle category N3




The IWG shall discuss the direct vision requirements (limit values) for the different groups of vehicles that as proposed by the Taskforce Differentiation.



6.4.   Direct Vision regulation for N2




The IWG shall start the discussion on the regulation for direct vision for the vehicle categories N2.


  1. Next meeting


16 th meeting: [November, Web-meeting / European Commission Brussels / Södertälje Sweden TBD]



  1. Any Other Item