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tyres to be tested
ACTIONitemsub itemproposal of answer205/55R16195/65R15185/65R14235/65R16235/50R18195/55R20SRTT...who ?when ?
DEFINITIONTread depthIndividual2,0 +/- 0,4mmxxxxxxx (Buffed)France ongoingended by Dec 19
Average in principal groove2,0 +/- 0,3mmxxx (Buffed)France WT-03-02Completed
Average total measurements2,0 +/- 0,2 mmxxx (Buffed)
Nr of measurments on the circumf.4xxx (Buffed)
Nr of measurments by row5xxx (Buffed)
Wear profilewear profileflat / offsetxxxxx (natural)x (natural)x normal & buffed
Principal grooveslink to Nr. of measurments
Shoulder arealink to Nr. of measurments
Ageingnewx (buffed)x (buffed)x (buffed)x (buffed)
aged (natural worn)Aged and/or xx km ?x (4 yrs)x (4 yrs)x (2,5 yrs)x (2,5 yrs)Less than 1yrLess than 1yr
Roughnessimpact on the WG indexLowx (natural)x (natural)
PROCEDUREwater depth0.5, 1.0, 1.5 mm...1.0 mm = Actual R117x (1.0)x (1.0)x (1.0)x (1.0)x (1.0)x (1.0)x (1.0)
SRTT16"new or buffedBuffed for candite buffedx normal & buffed
tread depthas candidate if worn as SRTT for WG on new tyrex
Vehicle vs TrailerAs actual R117x vehiclex trailerx vehiclex vehiclex trailerx trailerx trailer
limitsx candidate worn&new SRTT new & buffed
priority 3
priority 2
priority 1