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All ports of entry have been opened.

Returning residents & visitors will no longer be required to present a negative COVID19 PCR certificate at the port of entry but should present a valid Vaccination Certificate showing they are fully vaccinated.

A negative PCR certificate is only for the unvaccinated.

Those with a booster shot have an entry advantage.

Curfew starts at midnight and ends at 5.30AM.

Restaurants and bars can open until 10PM with a condition that they only serve fully vaccinated customers.

Masks will remain mandatory.

Source: https://zimbabwetourism.net/covid19-guidelines-for-travellers/


COVID-19 [Zimbabwe]
Bulletin n° 2 - CIQP : 09 June 2020 (Bulletin on Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Procedures)


Customs, land, sea

• Land borders are still open for cargo movements.
• All cross-border cargo transport will be subjected to health screenings.
• Customs operating at limited capacity.
(Information dated 20 May: Logistic Cluster)
• Land border status with neighbouring countries:
- Botswana: Only essential cargo allowed to cross land borders. Drivers
will be tested when crossing the border but will not have to wait for the
result at the border.
- Mozambique: Certain borders are operating normally; others are only
allowing specific commodities. Foreign truckers subjected to
- South Africa: Cross-border land freight restricted to food and essential
items, delays to be expected. Truckers must wait for police escorts at
certain crossing points causing significant delays.
- Zambia: Truck drivers with cross-border consignments undergo
extensive screening at border entries.
(Information updated 9 June: Logistic Cluster)