Paris, 02 June 2017

Informal Documents

TF-HS-01-01 Rev 2 Invitation and draft agenda for 1st session (20170602)

TF-HS-01-02 GRE-77-06 (Czech Republic and Italy) without the agreed content of informal document GRE-77-06Rev.1

TF-HS-01-03 GRE-77-24 (Russian Federation) to modify the GRE-77-06

TF-HS-01-04 GRE-77-10Rev.1 (Japan)

TF-HS-01-05 GRE 77-23 (Russian Federation) to modify the GRE-77-10Rev.1

TF-HS-01-06 Headlamp and DRL switching proposal by an SAE expert (Marcin Gorzkowski)

TF-HS-01-07 1st draft with detailed comments 25 05 2017 (Italy and SAE expert)

TF-HS-01-07bis 1st Draft 25 05 2017 (Italy and SAE expert)

TF-HS-01-08 JAMA comments on TF HS 01-07 and TF HS 01-07Bis

TF-HS-01-09 Finland comments on TF HS 01-07 and TF HS 01-07Bis

TF-HS-01-10 Czech Republic modification and comments to TF HS 01-07bis.docx

TF-HS-01-11 Czech Republic understanding of possible combination for DRL, PO, DB, FOG

TF-HS 01-12 Drafting work of 1st session

TF-HS-01-13 Rev1 Draft report of 1st session