Paris, 06 July 2017

TF-HS-02-01 Rev 1 Invitation and draft agenda for 2nd session (20170706)

TF-HS-02-02 (Italy) Proposal for new definitions in ECE R48

TF-HS 02-02 Rev 1 (Italy) Proposal for new definitions in ECE R 48 with revisions agreed in TF-HS-02

TF-HS-02-03 (EC) Comments on TF-HS-01-12

TF-HS-02-04 (CZ) Proposal to amend ECE R48-06 following 1st TF-HS session

TF-HS-02-04 Rev 1 (CZ + Italy + TF HS) Proposal to amend ECE R48-06

TF-HS-02-05 (CZ) Comments on TF-HS-01-12

TF-HS-02-06 (Russia) Proposal amendment to ECE R48-04 (English version) / (Russian version)

TF-HS-02-07 (Russia) Proposal amendment to ECE R48-05 (English version) / (Russian version)

TF-HS-02-08 (Russia) Proposal amendment to ECE R48-06 (English version) / (Russian version)

TF-HS-02-09 (SAE Expert) Comments on TF-HS-01-12

TF-HS-02-10 (OICA) proposal for reviewing paragraph

TF-HS-02-10 Rev.1 (OICA during TF-HS 2nd session) proposal for reviewing paragraph

TF-HS-02-11 Report of 2nd session (to come)

TF HS 02-12 2nd session Drafting work of TF-HS

TF HS 02-13 Rev 1 Editorial work on ECE R48 following introduction of new definitions