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Sustainable Development Goals                                      


This page is to allow countries and organisations to share their views on how to monitor SDG indicator 9.1.2, "passenger and freight volumes, by mode of transport", at both the global and national levels. There are two sub-pages below (and linked to on the lefthand sidebar).

At the global level, member States are invited to suggest improvements to the metadata for monitoring of this indicator, in particular for the inland modes (road, rail, inland waterways, possibly pipeline). So please edit Comments on SDG 9.1.2 Metadata.

At the national level, there is currently very different ways this indicator is interpreted across country National Reporting Platforms, Voluntary National Reviews, and SDG indicator reports. Sometimes only inland transport is shown, sometimes aviation and maritime are included; units are sometimes passenger-km and tonne-km, sometimes passenger numbers and tonnes, or even a mix between different modes. Walking and cycling are included in some country datasets but not others. Some countries have also chosen additional national indicators to monitor resilient infrastructure, and sometimes countries choose additional indicators that measure "sustainable transport". We would like to collate country practices and opinions in order to help countries decide on what is right for them. National experiences and comments can be uploaded to 9.1.2 National Monitoring Examples.

Background information

Current data availability in the Global Database

UNECE presentation on indicator 9.1.2 at the Working Party session in June 2019:

Find details on how to use the statswiki and register at this page.

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