This page collates data sources for all inland transport modes (including public transport, road and rail network traffic, inland freight transport, vehicle registrations, road safety) as well as maritime and/or port traffic, produced on a short-term basis that give insights into the Coronavirus impact on transport systems. Most sources come from UNECE member State official sources.

See the blog page for some interesting examples, updated as data become available. Last updated on 16 November.

New: Provisional monthly road safety data for 20 countries have been collated into a dataset, see this new page.

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CountryTopicLinkPeriodicityNotesNext update


Transport statisticsMonthly

Freight volumes by rail and sea

Passenger transport by rail and sea

Export/import by mode of transport

AlbaniaRoad SafetyInstitute of StatisticsMonthly

AlbaniaCross-border movements

Institute of Statistics


AndorraCross-border movements

Department of Statistics


ArmeniaTransport statistics

Statistical Committee

Available in Armenian and Russian
ArmeniaTransport statistics

Statistical Committee

MonthlyData on rail, road, subway and trolleybus traffic
AustriaVehicle registrations

Statistics Austria

Reference month data expected 18-22 days later.
AustriaRoad safetyStatistics AustriaQuarterly
Quarterly data available around 4 months after the reference period.
Azerbaijan Road safetyState Statistical CommitteeQuarterly1Q2020 released on 18 May.


Transport StatisticsNational Statistical CommitteeMonthlyTransportation of cargo and passengers by rail, road, inland waterway, air, city electric transport and subway, transportation of products by pipelineOperational data (17th-18th after the reporting period);
Socio-economic data (25-29th after the reporting period)
BelgiumVehicle registrationsMobility Belgium (French)MonthlyMonthly data available but only in PDFs.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaTransport statisticsAgency for Statistics of BiHQuarterlyCross-border traffic, Passenger and freight traffic
Bosnia and HerzegovinaVehicle RegistrationsThe Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data ExchangeMonthlyTotal registrations and first-time registrations
Bosnia and HerzegovinaTransport statisticsFederal Bureau of Statistics of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (providing data for one of the two political entities of BiH).QuarterlyRoad and rail transport of goods and passengersQuarterly data published two months later.
BulgariaRail transport

National Statistical Institute

QuarterlyFreight and passenger data.
BulgariaRoad safetyMinistry of Interior/Road PoliceMonthly

BulgariaRoad transportNational Statistical InstituteQuarterlyQuarterly road freight performanceQuarterly data published two months later.


Cross-border movementsStatistics CanadaMonthly

CanadaTransport statisticsStatistics CanadaMonthly

CanadaRail transportStatistics CanadaMonthlyRailway carloadings
CanadaRail transportStatistics CanadaWeeklyRail terminal performance
CroatiaTransport statisticsBureau of Statistics Monthly/QuarterlyCross-border traffic, traffic in seaports, IWW transport13 May
CroatiaRoad SafetyMinistry of the InteriorMonthly

CroatiaTransport statisticsBureau of StatisticsMonthly/QuarterlySummary of transport situation
CyprusVehicle registrationsStatistical ServiceMonthly

CzechiaTransport statisticsCzech Statistical OfficeQuarterlyRail, bus and air traffic until Q2/2019
CzechiaRoad SafetyCzech PoliceMonthlyIn addition to this source of provisional data from the Czech Police, the Czech Minsitry of transport compiles monthly data according to the 30 day definition. Find the latest file here.
CzechiaTransport statisticsMinistry of transportQuarterlyCzech only. Various transport performance indicators until 4Q2019 (9 April)


Transport statisticsStatistics DenmarkQuarterlyFerry and rail transport
DenmarkRoad traffic

Statistics Denmark

(Data in Excel)

DailyDaily road traffic through the country; weekly passenger car and truck traffic across the Great Belt Bridge; passenger departures from Copenhagen Airport.
DenmarkPort trafficStatistics DenmarkDailyDaily port visits, compared to 2019.
DenmarkCross-border movementsOresund Bro
Traffic on the Oresund bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden
Denmark Road transportMinistry of Transport and Housing

Article on increased speeding in big cities, in Danish

Article on impact on road traffic, in Danish

DenmarkRoad safetyRoad Directorate (in Danish)Monthly

DenmarkUrban transportMinistry of Transport and Housing
Article and PDF on impact on public transport, in Danish


Transport statisticsStatistics EstoniaMonthly/Quarterly

Passenger and freight traffic

Passenger transport by bus on local and highway lines

Article on decrease in mobility

EstoniaRoad SafetyEstonian Road PoliceMonthly


Transport statisticsStatistics FinlandMonthly
FinlandRoad SafetyStatistics FinlandMonthly

FinlandRoad transportFinnish Transport Infrastructure AgencyMonthly

Daily data in Finnish (12-27 March)

Impact on other forms of transport in Finnish

FinlandCross-border movementsFinnish Transport Infrastructure AgencyMonthlyBy road vehicle

FinlandTraffic volumesTraffic Management Finland

Article with statistics

FinlandVehicle registrationsStatistics FinlandMonthly

FranceTransport statisticsMinistère de la Transition écologique et solidaireMonthly/QuarterlyIn French
FranceRail transportObservatoire Régional Transports et Logistique
Circulation of trains, in French
FranceRoad safetyFrench Road Safety Observatory Monthly
Provisional data are published 9-12 days after the reference month.
France Road safetyNewspaper interview
Interview with delegate to the French Interministerial Road Safety Observatory, highlighting the increase in road accident fatalities and increased speeds since the easing of lockdown measures.


Road safetyGeorgia policeQuarterlyOnly in Georgian
GermanyVehicle registrationsKraftfahrt-Bundesamt MonthlyDescriptive, not tabular
GermanyRoad transportDestatisDailyDaily truck traffic
Article (in German) on different mobility indicators.
GermanyRoad safetyDestatisMonthly
Reference month published approximately 2 months later. 
GreeceRoad safetyHellenic Statistical AuthorityMonthlyData until April 2020Data for month X released at the end of month X+2.


Road Safety only


Road transportIcelandic Transport AuthorityAnnualIn Icelandic (google translate works)
IrelandTransport StatisticsCentral Statistics Office
COVID19 Information Hub, including vehicle registrations and air and sea travel.
IrelandVehicle registrationsCentral Statistics OfficeMonthly

IrelandUrban transport

Article on impact on public transport from the National Transport Authority
IrelandRoad safetyRoad Safety IrelandMonthlyPenalty point data (as a measure of driver behaviour/safety)
IrelandRoad safetyGarda (Ireland National Police)MonthlyRoad traffic accident statisticsDaily
IsraelRoad safetyCentral Bureau of StatisticsMonthlyBasic data in English, more detailed data in Hebrew.Data from previous month released at end of month
IsraelTransport statisticsCentral Bureau of StatisticsMonthlyVarious monthly transport indicators, released quarterly.
ItalyRoad SafetyAssociation of Supporters and Friends of the Traffic PoliceMonthlyPress releases (in Italian, no databases) on monthly traffic accidents on motorways (in addition to weekend reports with previous-year comparisons).
ItalyPassenger mobilityIsfortVariousIsfort is a private institute part of the Italian Statistical System and has produced regular reports detailing changes in mobility patterns. Examples(in Italian):

ItalyPassenger mobilityEnelVariousVarious mobility measures, broken down by region or city. The data sources include smart vehicles, apps for smartphone, and smart lampposts.
ItalyVehicle registrationsUNRAEMonthly

In Italian

March data compared to previous year

ItalyUrban transportRomamobilitaDaily/MonthlyIn Italian, urban and road transport in Rome


Transport statisticsStatte Statistical CommitteeMonthly



Transport statisticsCentral Statistics BureauMonthlyVarious transport data, most quarterly but some (e.g. rail freight) monthly
LatviaVehicle registrationsCentral Statistics BureauQuarterly

LatviaRoad safetyCentral Statistics BureauQuarterly


LithuaniaTransport statisticsOfficial Statistics PortalQuarterlyPassenger transport
LithuaniaVehicle registrationsStatistics LithuaniaMonthly

LuxembourgVehicle registrationsStatistics LuxembourgMonthly


Moldova, Republic ofTransport statisticsNational Bureau of StatisticsMonthlyTransport of goods and passengers, by means of transport: rail, road, river and air

MontenegroTransport statisticsStatistical OfficeQuarterly
Quarterly data published two months later.


AviationStatistics NetherlandsMonthly

NetherlandsTransport statisticsStatistics NetherlandsWeeklyTransport movements for various modes, with a focus on freight.
NetherlandsTransport statisticsStatistics Netherlands
Corona impact on public mobility
NetherlandsRoad trafficNational Datawarehouse for Traffic Information
  1. An article on impact of corona measure on mobility in the Netherlands.
  2. Open data on real-time traffic information, including Shapefiles.
  3. Historical open data on road traffic.

NetherlandsRoad safetyRoad safety report
Report prepared for the police on the COVID19 road safety impact.
North MacedoniaTransport statisticsState Statistical OfficeQuarterlyClick link to access table with more data in addition to bus statistics)
NorwayRoad safetyStatistics NorwayMonthly
Reference month available approx. 20 days later.
NorwayVehicle registrationsStatistics NorwayMonthly


Road transportStalexport Autostrady
Traffic performance on A4 motorway between Katowice and Krakow
PolandRoad safetyPoland policeDaily

PolandVehicle registrationsStatistics PolandQuarterly1Q2020 registration data expected in JuneQuarterly data published three months later.
PortugalUrban transportStatistics PortugalMonthlySubway
PortugalTransport statisticsStatistics PortugalQuarterly


Poland PoliceDailyDaily and cumulative road accident data
Russian FederationRail transportRussian railwaysMonthly

Year-to-date Passenger numbers and passenger-km

Year-to-date tonnes (by commodity) and tonne-km

San Marino 

SerbiaTransport statisticsStatistical OfficeQuarterly


SloveniaRoad transportStatistical OfficeMonthlyPublic scheduled road passenger transport
SloveniaRoad safetySlovenia Traffic Safety AgencyMonthlyIn Slovenian, Traffic Safety Agency provisional monthly data (including the current month) that are updated weekly.
SloveniaTransport statisticsStatistical OfficeMonthly/Quarterly

SpainTransport statistics

National Statistics Institute and

National Statistics Institute


Passenger transport statistics

In Spanish:

Article on Road Safety during Easter

Article on Road Traffic during Easter

Coverage of Corona impact on traffic

SpainRoad safetyMinistry of InteriorMonthlyProvisional road fatality data (fatalities within 24 hours of the crash).
SwedenTransport StatisticsTrafaWeeklyWeekly indicators on passenger and goods transport, various modes.
SwedenRail transportTransport AnalysisQuarterly

SwedenRoad safetyTransport StyrelsenMonthlyIn Swedish 
SwitzerlandVehicle registrationsFederal Statistical OfficeMonthlyGraph until March 2020

12 May ; 11 June; 14 July; 11 August; 10 September; 13 October; 12 November; 14 December.


Federal Statistical Office


In French and German

June 4 (data for first quarter 2020); September 3; November 9


Key figures on road goods transport performance

Federal Statistical Office


In French and German, provisional data

August 25 (data for first quarter 2020); November 24


Key figures on rail transport performance

Federal Statistical Office


In French and German, provisional data

June 15 (data for first quarter 2020); September 14; December 16


Transport Statistics

Federal Statistical Office

Daily or weekly

In German and French, a new set of experimental statistics, based on mobile phone data of volunteers. The focus is on personal mobility in terms of distances travelled per day and length of trip. In the coming weeks this will also include modal split information.

First released 12 May, updated daily.


Road traffic counts

Federal Roads Office


In French, German and Italian, traffic volume at 9 important counting stations, comparison between 2020 and 2019



Turkey Vehicle registrationsCentral Dissemination SystemMonthly


Goods transport (in tonnes), for rail, road, water, pipeline and air.


Transport statisticsState Statistical ServiceMonthly (cumulative)PKM by type of transport, yearly cumulative total (see also)
UkraineFreight statisticsState Statistical ServiceMonthlyVolume of freight traffic, 
United KingdomRoad transportHighways EnglandMonthly

Summary data for all strategic roads ('M' and 'A' roads; monthly data publishes 3 weeks after the reference month.)

United KingdomRoad traffic; rail traffic; urban transportDepartment for Transport (contained in Cabinet Office daily briefings. Transport data not provided every day.).Daily

Indicative road traffic and available public transport data, daily

Methodology note on weekly and daily statistics.

United KingdomVehicle registrationsGOV.ukMonthlyReported with 6-month lag
United KingdomRail transportOffice of Rail and RoadQuarterlyPassenger dataMid-June
United KingdomRoad safetyTransport for LondonDailyProvisional daily road traffic collision fatalities, updated monthlyMonthly
United KingdomRoad SafetyPolice Service of Northern IrelandDailyDaily road fatality data, updated weekly, with a detailed victim breakdown (by age, gender, road user etc).
United KingdomUrban transportTransport for London
Public transport journeys by type of transport (data for 28-day periods)
United KingdomUrban transportGOV.ukQuarterly

Bus statistics

End of June
United KingdomShippingOffice for National StatisticsWeeklyPort visits
United States of AmericaTransport StatisticsBureau of Transportation Statistics: the Week in TransportationWeeklyVarious weekly transport indicators, making comparisons against the previous week and the same week in 2019.
United States of AmericaTransport StatisticsBTS: Monthly transportation StatisticsMonthlymany different monthly transport statistics
United States of AmericaTransport StatisticsBTS: COVID-19 related statisticsVariousMultiple datasets on COVID-19-related changes to mobility, including daily travel patterns.
United States of AmericaCross-border movementsDepartment of TransportationMonthlyBorder crossings US-Mexico, US-Canada, different modes
United States of AmericaTotal Transportation Security AdministrationDailyDaily total passengers (arrivals into the USA) processed by the TSADaily
United States of AmericaTransport statisticsBureau of Transportation StatisticsMonthlyTransportation services index, freight and passengers
United States of AmericaRoad transportInrix
National traffic volumes during the crisis (commercial data provider)
United States of AmericaRail transportDepartment of TransportationMonthlyNumber of passengers transported, PKM
United States of AmericaRail transportAmtrakMonthlyperformance report (including passenger numbers, passenger miles, seat miles and train miles; published with 3 month time lag.)
United States of AmericaRoad safetyNational Safety CouncilMonthlyEstimates of Monthly road traffic fatalities, by State. Data published ~55 days after the reference month.
United States of AmericaRoad safetyNYPDDaily

New York City traffic crash data, including injuries and fatalities. 

United States of AmericaRoad safetyCity and County of San FranciscoMonthlySan Francisco fatal traffic crash data, collated monthly
United States of AmericaRoad safetyCity of Los AngelesDailyLos Angeles traffic collision database. Only information on traffic accidents, not on fatalities or injuries.

Other information:

For a road safety report from the European transport Safety Council, see

For general resources from the International transport Forum, see

CCNR: Info on navigation on the Rhine:

Transport Community Secretariat: Twitter updates give regular information about border waiting times between EU and Western Balkan states

Google mobility reports for countries show mobility at transit stations:

Bike counter data for specific locations in many cities around the world and

Article with link to Tomtom traffic index data for hundreds of cities, comparing 2019 and 2020 patterns (Type the city name in the box towards the bottom of the article). Note that this measures differences in journey time compared with a zero-traffic situation. A 20% reduction in journey time does not imply a 20% traffic reduction.

Data on aviation traffic in Europe:

Daily estimate of total vehicle miles travelled in Unites States counties:

Passenger car registrations in the EU, data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association:

General information about statistics production in the time of COVID19 by UNECE Statistics Division:

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