Notifications sent by the secretariat

ECE/TRAN/2005/124/20 - Notification regarding the establishment of UN GTR No. 20 in the Global Registry (English/French)

Notifications received from the Contracting Parties on UN GTR No. 20

 1st status report (deadline 13.05.2019)

Turkey (received 28.06.18)PDFPDF
People's Republic of China (received 12.11.18)---PDF (Non-official status report)
Japan (received 13.05.19)PDFPDF
2nd status report (deadline 13.05.2020)

Russian Federation (received 17.06.19)PDF

PDF (English - final notification)

PDF (Russian - final notification)

Australia (received 01.07.19)PDFPDF
3rd status report (deadline 13.05.2021)

Canada (received 30.03.21)PDFPDF
4th status report (deadline 13.05.2022)

Russian Federation (received 04.06.21)PDFPDF
Republic of Korea (received 07.07.2021)PDFPDF (Confirmation of final notification)
Belarus (received 24.12.21)PDFPDF (final notification)
5th status report (deadline 13.05.23)

United Kingdom (received 23.5.23)PDFPDF