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4.1          After the fumigant has performed its function it can be ventilated before it is transported if required. When the fumigated CTU has been completely ventilated either by opening the doors of the CTU or by mechanical ventilation after fumigation, the date of ventilation should be marked on the fumigation warning mark.

4.2          Care should be taken even after a CTU has been declared as ventilated. Gas can be held in packages of cargo, then desorbed over a long period of time, even over many days, raising the level of gas inside the cargo transport unit to above the safe exposure level. Bagged cereals and cartons with large air spaces are likely to produce this effect. Alternatively, gas and the fumigant sachets or tablets can become 'trapped' at the far end of a CTU by tightly packed cargo.

4.3          In reality any CTU that has carried dangerous or fumigated goods should not be considered as safe until it has been properly cleaned and all cargo residues, gaseous and solid, have been removed. The consignee for such goods should have the facilities to carry out this cleaning process safely.

4.4          When the fumigated CTU has been ventilated and unpacked, the fumigation warning mark should be removed.