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Topics to be included in a training programme


Consequences of badly packed and secured cargo

  • Injuries to persons and damage to the environment
  • Damage to all means of transport and CTUs
  • Damage to cargo
  • Economic consequences



  • Different parties involved in cargo transport
  • Legal responsibility
  • Goodwill responsibility
  • Quality assurance


Forces acting on the cargo during transport

  • Road transport
  • Rail transport
  • Sea transport


Basic principles for cargo packing and securing

  • Prevention from sliding
  • Prevention from tipping
  • Influence of friction
  • Basic principles for cargo securing
  • Dimensions of securing arrangements for combined transport


CTUs - types


Cargo care consciousness and cargo planning

  • Choice of transport means
  • Choice of CTU type
  • Check of CTU prior to packing
  • Cargo distribution in CTUs
  • Requirements from the receiver of cargo regarding cargo packing
  • Condensation risks in CTUs
  • Symbols for cargo handling


Different methods for cargo packing and securing

  • Lashing
  • Blocking and bracing
  • Increasing friction


Safe handling of packages

  • Manual handling
  • Mechanical handling devices
  • Personal protective equipment


Equipment for securing and protection of cargo

  • Fixed equipment on CTUs
  • Reusable cargo-securing equipment
  • One-way equipment
  • Inspection and rejection of securing equipment


On completion of packing

  • Closing the CTU
  • Marking and placarding
  • Documentation
  • Verifying gross mass


Packing and securing unitized cargo

  • Cases
  • Palletized cargoes
  • Bales and bundles
  • Bags on pallets
  • Big bags
  • Slabs and panels
  • Barrels
  • Pipes
  • Cartons


Packing and securing of non-unitized cargo

  • Different types of packaged cargoes packed together
  • Packing of heavy and light cargoes together
  • Packing of rigid and non-rigid cargoes together
  • Packing of long and short cargoes together
  • Packing of high and low cargoes together
  • Packing of liquid and dry cargoes together


Packing and securing of paper products

  • General guidelines for the packing and securing of paper products
  • Vertical rolls
  • Horizontal rolls
  • Sheet paper on pallets


Packing and securing of cargo requiring special techniques

  • Steel coils
  • Cable drums
  • Wire rolls
  • Steel slabs
  • Steel plates
  • Big pipes
  • Stone blocks
  • Machines


Packing and securing of dangerous cargoes

  • Regulations for the transport of dangerous goods
  • Definitions
  • Packing regulations
  • Packing, separation and securing
  • Labelling and placarding
  • Information transfer when transporting dangerous cargoes
  • Liabilities