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1. Objectives

Project purpose

The purpose of this project is to develop a UNECE standard reflecting international best practices in PPP programs with the objective of creating a policy document guiding governments in the selection process of a PPP model and in general achieving a) increased confidence in PPP as a viable procurement option and b) high success rates of airport PPP projects worldwide.

Project scope

2.1.   Governments have been confronted with the difficulty to identify the right projects or the right PPP models from successful international PPP experience that can be used as a basis for their own programs. Access to best practices is a remedy against repeating common mistakes and building efficiency into national PPP programs.


2.2.   Airport PPP is a well-documented subject, both what concerns best practices and case studies authored by private and public entities, and multilateral finance institutions, specifically. However, what has largely been absent in the documentation are the ‘bad practices’: well-intended, but counter-productive practices or ill-intended practices which have achieved their objective, often exploiting loopholes in legislation, tender procedures or PPP agreements. The primary reason for the absence of analyses of bad practices is that many reports are conceived as success stories celebrating achievements – bad practices leading to sub-optimal outcomes or outright failures are preferred to be left untold.


2.3.   This project aims to rally support from both public and private PPP practitioners, the academic society and major stakeholders to document best practice in order to arrive at comprehensive standards serving as an effective tools for governments to successfully navigate through the complexity of PPP programs.  


2.4.   The categories of Airport schemes to be considered will include national, local airports and international hubs. Depending of the characteristics and nature of airports (national, local and/or hub) appropriate model(s) will be identified during the process of developing standards.


2.5.   The Public Private Partnership (PPP) scope will be the United Nations’ definition of PPP, which can be found in the ‘Guidebook on Promoting Good Governance on PPP’ (


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