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titleSource: The Danish Customs Agency

Recommended quarantine for 14 days for everyone coming into the country

The Danish Government strongly advises travellers to stay at home for 14 days regardless of the status of the country of departure, duration of the stay abroad, and whether people are citizens, residents, or entering with a worthy purpose, possible exemptions e.g. for commuters

Start date: 14.03.2020

End date: 13.04.2020

Further information:

Entry restriction to non-Danish citizens (14.03.2020)

Travellers can enter Denmark if they are Danish citizens, residents in Denmark, transiting through Denmark or have a 'worthy purpose'. No restrictions to freight transport. Consult the website for further information (such as exemptions):

Start date: 14.03.2020

End date: 13.04.2020

Contact information:


titleRemarks from the International Road Transport Union

An order has been issued extending the validity of a number of driver licences and certificates in the transport sector.  The ban on exchanging drivers between companies has also been temporarily lifted. These measures have been put it place to prevent driver shortages. 

The validity of the following categories of licences and certificates that expire in the period between 1 March and 30 April 2020 will be extended to 31 August 2020:

·       Licence types:  C1, C1/E, C, C/E, D1, D1/E, D and D/E.

·       Driver training certificates issued pursuant to the Executive Order on Qualification Requirements for Certain Drivers of Vehicles in Road Transport.

·       Driver training certificates for the carriage of dangerous goods by road issued pursuant to the Order on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods.

·       Security Advisor Certificate issued pursuant to Executive Order on Security Advisors for the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

In addition, notwithstanding section 6a (2), 1 of the Freight Forwarding Act, the exchange of drivers between companies with an operating licence for international freight transport is allowed pursuant to section 1 (1). 1 of the Freight Transport Act. This applies until 30 March 2020.

Original article in Danish:

Source: DTL

Danish Minister of Transport has announced that the temporary exemption for drivers' weekly rest has been extended by another 20 days and will therefore apply until 11 April (included).

The exemption only concerns national transport.

Measures lifted are the ones mentioned in Art. 8.6 of Reg. (EC) 561/2006; all other provisions apply.

Source: DI Transport

The leading Danish transport and logistics associations have prepared a list of recommendations for the receipt and shipping of freight. The document contains recommendations for transport companies, professional drivers, consignors and consignees and is available in EnglishGerman and Polish.

Source: DTL