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titleSource: IMPACCT/UN OCHA


Bulletin n° 5 - CIQP : 31 August 2020 (Bulletin on Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Procedures)



Bulletin n° 4 - CIQP : 17 August 2020 (Bulletin on Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Procedures)



COVID-19 [Pakistan]

Bulletin n°3 – CIQP : 19 June 2020 (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Procedures)


Customs, land, sea (updated 19 June 2020).

All humanitarian and commercial cargo movements are allowed at Customs ports but operating at lower efficiency.

In terms of road and rail, there are a limited number of truckers on duty. Rail freight is still operational. Cross-border road freight into Afghanistan is affected by serious delays and disruptions, affected by moderate driver or equipment shortages and land border restrictions.
(source: Agility, not dated).
Cargo ships will be subjected to mandatory inspections. Crew rotations and shore leave are not permitted in the port. All vessels must submit mandatory documents 72 hours before arrival to Karachi Port and Bin Qasim Port.
(source: Wilhelmsen, 10 June 2020).

At the Taftan – Mirjaveh Border-Crossing Point (BCP) with Iran, commercial fleet, passenger fleet, and national fleet are prohibited by Pakistan

From 11 April, Torkham and Chaman – Wesh BCPs with Afghanistan have been opened, for transit with special conditions. These border crossing points will re-close if as a result of the re-opening of these points, the spread of COVID-19 is exacerbated. Pathan – Paktia BCP, Urgon – Paktika BCP and Ghulam Khan – Khost BCP remain closed for export and import (source: Afghan Customs Administration). 

The Ministry of Interior announced a number of measures on 15 May 2020 at the Western Border with Afghanistan, at Torkham and Chaman BCPs:

• Torkham border will remain open for 24 hours / six days a week (except Saturday) and an unlimited number of trucks will be allowed per day while ensuring proper SOPs and guidelines for both Afghan Bilateral Trade and Afghan Transit Trade.

• Chaman border will remain open for six days a week (except Saturday) for specified timings (as already notified) and unlimited number of trucks will be allowed per day while ensuring proper SOPs and guidelines for both Afghan Bilateral Trade and Afghan Transit Trade.

• Saturdays will be reserved for pedestrian movement only as per procedure already in place. Standard Quarantine Protocols / SOPs (as applicable for air passengers) will be implemented for pedestrians as well. (Source: Ministry of Interior, 15 May 2020).

titleSource: WCO/ Federal Board of Revenue


In order to facilitate the Customs procedures and support all stakeholders (including
importers, exporters, Customs agents, and freight forwarders, etc.) at the
ports/airports/land customs-stations in Pakistan and to mitigate the detrimental
economic/industrial effects in the Country because of lock-down owing to spread of
Corona Virus (COVID-19), Pakistan Customs (Federal Board of Revenue) has ensured
implementation of the following actions.
Provision of the said services is deemed highly desirable not only in view of the current
emergency situation but also to duly facilitate the regional and international trade.
Pakistan Customs assures the World Customs Organization (WCO) and world trade
community about further actions, which would be taken in due course, as part of its ongoing trade facilitation measures.

1. Measures aiming to Facilitate the Cross-border Movement of Relief and
Essential Supplies

1.1. Expeditious clearance of medicines, food items, and equipment pertaining to
treatment of Corona Virus has been ensured.
1.2. The government has waived off all duties and taxes on the import of essential
materials and equipments necessary for containing and combating the
COVID-19 outbreak.

2. Measures aiming at Supporting the Economy and Sustaining Supply chain

2.1. 24/7 clearance of Cargo at Ports/Airports and land borders stations.
2.2. Dedicated email has been notified for single contact facility to accommodate
all trade related queries/grievances for redressal by the Customs Authorities.
2.3. The government has extended date of filling for goods declarations (GDs).
2.4. Pakistan Customs Service has provided web-based customs clearance
services to all clients enabling them to declare, pay and request for many
other services without visiting Customs stations.
2.5. Customs is notified as an essential service to enable it to continue its core
functions of protecting social/economic interests of the people.

3. Measures aiming at Protecting Customs administration’s Staff

3.1. The Customs formations have been provided extra budget to facilitate the
staff for protection against the COVID-19 outbreak by provision of Masks,
Sanitizers and other essentials as instructed by the local health authorities.
3.2. Screening and sanitizing facilities have been made available at all the work
3.3. Staff rotation has been introduced in the wake of restricted movement by the
Government. However, staff has been allowed to work from home
electronically to facilitate trade.
3.4. Meetings are being held through videoconference or other means of remote
communication to visit the crowding of people and reducing the likelihood of
transmission of the virus.
3.5. Only desirable numbers of people/customs agents are allowed to visit the
customs field formations.

4. Measures aiming at Protecting Society

4.1. The Federal and Provincial Governments have also notified dedicated
helplines for the general public as well as the businessmen.
4.2. The customs authorities have been sensitized to the possible import/ supply
of counterfeit medical supplies and fake medicines in the wake of COVID-19
4.3. Actions taken in this regard will be shared using the common platform i.e.

titleRemarks from the International Road Transport Union


The Pakistani Ministry of the Interior decided to reopen the Western Border. The official information is available here.

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namePublic Notice - Opening of Western Border of Pakistan - MOI - GOP.pdf

Source: PNC-ICC



On 1 May, the Pakistani Ministry of the Interior decided to seal the Western Border. New measures apply immediately and can be seen here.

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nameMinistry of Interior - sealing of Western border 01.05.2020-converted.pdf

Source: Pakistani Government