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titleSource: IATA


1. Passengers must complete a "Declaracion de Sanidad del Viajero" upon arrival; or
- present a QR code obtained at .

2. Passengers could be subject to medical screening and a COVID-19 RT-PCR test upon arrival.

3. Airline crew staying more than 48 hours in Cuba could be subject to a COVID-19 RT-PCR test upon arrival


titleSource: Presidency

April 7, 2020: In follow-up to the plan approved by the Cuban Government for the prevention and control of the new Coronavirus on the Island, where 396 cases have already been confirmed. Among the new measures is that in all places where there is local transmission they go into quarantine, therefore the National Civil Defense General Staff must give all the instructions to the Defense Councils. Urban passenger transportation will also be reordered, limiting the number of people per bus, to maintain adequate distance. Likewise, an analysis will be carried out on the country's work activities that are not essential to determine then their cessation, maintaining those with the greatest impact on the national economy, such as food production.

March 31, 2020: Prohibition of the entry or exit of ships and international flights in Cuba. Consequently, they will no longer carry out operations through airlines, nor through charter flights. In addition, the minister gave instructions for the withdrawal of all international vessels in Cuban territory; for which they will have 48 hours.

However, regarding the suspension of flights and ship movements in Cuba due to the coronavirus, the minister made two exceptions. Consequently, they will continue to carry out commercial flights and the docking of cargo ships in Cuba will also be maintained. […] ”


07  de abril del 2020: En seguimiento al plan aprobado por el Gobierno cubano para la prevención y el control del nuevo Coronavirus en la Isla, donde ya se han confirmado 396 casos. Entre las nuevas medidas se cuenta que en todos los lugares donde exista transmisión local pasen a cuarentena, por lo tanto el Estado Mayor Nacional de la Defensa Civil tiene que dar todas las indicaciones a los Consejos de Defensa. También se reordenará la transportación urbana de pasajeros, limitando la cantidad de personas por ómnibus, para mantener el adecuado distanciamiento. De igual manera, se realizará un análisis sobre las actividades laborables del país que no resultan imprescindibles para determinar entonces su cese, manteniendo las de mayor impacto en la economía nacional, como la producción de alimentos.

31 de Marzo 2020: Prohibición de la entrada o salida de barcos y vuelos internacionales en Cuba. En consecuencia, ya no realizarán operaciones a través de las aerolíneas, ni tampoco mediante los vuelos chárters. Además, el ministro dio instrucciones para el retiro de toda embarcación internacional en territorio cubano; para lo cual dispondrán de 48 horas.
No obstante, sobre la suspensión de vuelos y movimientos de barcos en Cuba por el coronavirus, el ministro realizó dos excepciones. En consecuencia, continuarán realizando vuelos comerciales y también se mantendrá el atraque de buques de carga en Cuba

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titleSource:WCO/General Customs of the Republic of Cuba


Below are the measures adopted by the General Customs of the Republic of


  1. Guide our forces, means and systems available at the border based on the identification of passengers and crew with symptoms compatible with the disease under surveillance and inform the international health control authorities.

  2. Ensure the timely updating and sending of advanced passenger information (API) to the sanitary control authorities (MINSAP, Phytosanitary and Veterinary), which includes the personalized list of passengers and crew from and in transit from countries under epidemiological surveillance.

  3. Guarantee the training of customs officers at the border with the objective of increasing capacities to identify people with symptoms of infection and in the use of protection means and hygienic-sanitary measures.
    The Closed Circuit Television System of the General Customs of the Republic is also used in the interest of controlling the correct use of the means of protection by Customs officers.
    A module was deployed on the intranet of the General Customs of the Republic to post updated information from official sites and the institution's own on preventive measures, monitoring of new cases at the international level, among other information of interest for training and information on the personal.

  4. Guaranteetheprotectionofourforces,ensuringhygieneanddisinfection measures, as well as the resources for it.
    The protection means (gloves and face masks) have been completed, as well as disinfection means to all the customs units and the central body, maintaining daily control of stocks and days of coverage. In the last deliveries 1780 face masks and 12000 gloves were distributed, as well as 2500 liters of chlorine.

  5. Facilitation measures are applied and aimed at the expedited processing of imports of merchandise that arrive as donations and other specific inputs intended to protect against COVID-19.

- Official website of the Ministry of Health:

- Oficial Government website:

- Official Cuban Customs website:

- Periódico Granma:

- Periódico Juventud Rebelde:

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titleRemarks from the International Road Transport Union