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titleSource: IMPACCT/UN OCHA


  • Internal government-imposed restrictions have been further extended until 3 August. Curfew hours are between 22:00-05:00 daily.
  • All Customs points are operational with limited scale as there are a limited number of truckers and Customs officers on duty.
  • Priority will be given to the clearance of food, medicine and medical equipment.
  • Chittagong Port Authorities have reduced the frequencies of feeders; the current estimated berthing time and average berthing delay is 12-13 days.



Export from China to Bangladesh - Screening process for manufacturers

Specific regulations and processes apply to all items being exported from China. Compliance to these government export requirements is assessed through a screening process requiring manufactures to submit online all of the required documentation and information using the following Electronic Submission Site:

This process provides verification of the manufacturer’s technical qualifications as well as their documentation and their documented products.

Partners should note that it is important to select manufacturers who are authorized by the government to export and to adhere to all of the procedures in place to ensure a smooth export process. No cargo can be accepted at the Guangzhou hub until all the necessary documentation is in place.

Please find the process flow on how to submit requests and check of manufacturers’ compliance here.

Further information on procedures and documentation specific to China can be found here.

titleSource: WCO/National Board of Revenue (NBR)

 3 April 2020

1. An SRO has been issued that exempted all duties and taxes for the imports of medical equipment and medicine related to coronavirus.

2. An office order has been issued to continue customs activities on a limited scale in all customs offices during the lockdown so as to release medicine, medical equipment, foods, etc.

3. An office order has been issued to accept documents in soft copy when assessing goods imported from China. It is under consideration for other Countries as well.

4. However, all Customs officers are ordered to stay in their respective customs Stations/Houses to address any emergency situation.

5. All customs Stations/Houses have also taken initiatives to alert their staff to follow the guidelines of WHO, while working in the desk and/or dealing with the stakeholders at the port or/and the airport.

titleRemarks from the International Road Transport Union