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titleSource: European Union/Re-open EU

Travelling to Luxembourg

Travelling to and from EU countries is allowed without restrictions.
Travelling to and from Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein, as well as the United Kingdom, is allowed without restrictions.

Third-country nationals

The ban on the entry of third-country nationals into the territory of Luxembourg is extended until 15 September 2020 included.
Since 1 July 2020, third-country nationals who are resident in one of the following countries are authorised to enter the territory of Luxembourg:
China (subject to confirmation of reciprocity at EU level);
New Zealand;
South Korea;
These travellers will need official documents proving their residence in one of these countries (residence permit, residence certificate, work permit, etc.). These documents must be accompanied by a translation into one of the administrative languages of Luxembourg or into English.
Since 12 August, any third-country national aged eleven or over, including persons holding a temporary residence permit or a residence permit, wishing to travel by air transport to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg from a non-EU third country not appearing on the aforementioned list of third countries, must present before boarding the negative result of a biological examination looking for the viral RNA of SARS-CoV-2, carried out less than 48 hours before the flight departure.
More information are available at

Travelling from Luxembourg or returning to Luxembourg 

Some countries are submitting travellers coming from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to a quarantine (which may last between 5 and 14 days) or are asking for a recent negative COVID-19 test. For the summer holiday period, the State offers one free COVID-19 test per person ahead of, as well as after, a trip or stay abroad for tourism. More information are available on "Covidtest travels" and

Luxembourgish citizens who are currently abroad may reach the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs on (+352) 247-82300 or by email at, in case of an emergency.

Rules and Exceptions

Mandatory Travel Documentation

Links to national sources

Driving abroad



Lift of weekend traffic ban (20.03.2020)

Luxembourg has notified the Commission that it suspended the ban on traffic for >7.5 tonne vehicles on weekends and public holidays.

Start date: 20.03.2020

End date: not available

Temporary and limited relaxation of the enforcement of driving and rest times for the drivers involved in freight transport

Luxembourg has notified a temporary and limited relaxation of the enforcement of driving and rest times for the drivers involved in national and international freight transport. This relaxation is granted pursuant to Article 14(2) of Regulation (EC) No 561/2006

Start date: 19.03.2020

End date: 17.04.2020

Further information:

titleRemarks from the International Road Transport Union


Restrictions on movements

The following measures apply until further notice:

-       Reduction of frequency of national regular bus services

-       Suspension of international bus services except for repatriation transport

Public transport on Sundays is suspended until 4 May.

Facilitation measures

On 8 April, the government extended the validity of Certificates of Professional Competence that expire during the crisis for further six months.

Validity of a serie of ADR certificates is extended over different periods of time. Full list can be consulted here.

Source: ITF



On 16 April, the Luxembourg Minister of Mobility has signed a new relaxation of the rules regarding driving and rest times.

The new rules apply from 18 April until 31 May, included, and are as follows:

- Art. 6.1: Increase of the maximum daily driving time from 9 hours to 11 hours, not more than three times per week

- Art. 6.3: Increase of the fortnightly driving time from 90 hours to 96 hours

- Art. 8.6: Postponement of a weekly rest period from six to seven 24-hour periods, with the obligation to compensate during the following week

- Art. 8.8: possibility for the driver to take the regular weekly rest in the vehicle, as long as it has suitable sleeping facilities,for each driver and the vehicle is stationary.

Source: CLC



The Ministry of Mobility has set out new measures for bus and coach transport in Luxembourg. The measures apply immediately and until further notice and provide for the following:

  • The front door of multi-door vehicles can no longer be used by passengers
  • The first row of passenger seats should remain unoccupied. The driver is requested to put up barrier tape or similar
  • The driver does not sell tickets (RegioZone) anymore
  • The social distancing rules must be displayed on the vehicle

Source: CLC




A state of emergency has been declared for 3 months but may be cancelled earlier. There are no restrictions considering transport of goods in Luxembourg, but there may be short waiting times at the borders.


Luxembourg has agreed on a temporary and limited relaxation of the enforcement of driving and rest times for the drivers involved in domestic and international delivery of goods. This relaxation is granted pursuant to Article 14(2) of Regulation (EC) No 561/2006. This temporary relaxation applies from 19 March 2020 and will run until 17 April 2020.

Luxembourg has made it clear that driver and road safety must not be compromised. Drivers should not be expected to drive whilst tired - employers remain responsible for the health and safety of their employees and other road users.

For the above mentioned category of drivers, the following provisions will be temporarily relaxed as follows: 

- Derogation to Article 6(2): replacement of the maximum weekly driving limit of 56 hours with one of 60 hours.

- Derogation to Article 6(3): replacement of the maximum fortnightly driving limit of 90 hours with one of 96 hours.

- Derogation to Article 8(6): postponement of a weekly rest period beyond six-24 hours period.

Source: CLC