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With respect to   Article 1.01 I. 10, the competent authorities may use a different definition of “water bike”.



Note by the secretariat:

In accordance with article 9.02, paragraph 3, the following administrations use a different definition of “water bike”:

1. Austria: the definition is the same, but water bikes with a length of less than 4 m are defined as floating material;
2. Belarus: the term “hydro cycle” is used instead of “water bike;
3. Germany: the term “water motorcycles” is not included in the German inland water transport regulations (Binnenschifffahrtsstraßen-Ordnung). This issue is regulated by special instructions on the water motorcycles;
4. Hungary: the definition contains a limitation of length of less than 4 m;
5. Netherlands: all such craft are contained in the term "water scooter", defined in 1.01 (a) 18 of the Dutch regulations;
6. Russian Federation: the term “water bike” is mentioned in official documents without a definition of this term;
7. Serbia: definition is the same but the term “Scooter” is used instead of “water bike”;
8. Slovakia;
9. Turkey;
10. Mosel Commission: this term is not used in the Police Regulations for the Navigation of the Mosel (PRNM), where this type of vessel is covered by the term “small craft”.