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Resolution No. 24

Adopted on 15 November 1985 by the Working Party on Inland Water Transport

The Working Party on Inland Water Transport,

Having regard to resolution No. 4 of the Sub-Committee on Inland Water Transport (TRANS/270, annex 1) concerning the application of the European Inland Waterway Navigation Code (CEVNI), and to the amended text of CEVNI reproduced in document W/TRANS/SC.3/37/Rev.2, which takes into account the Sub-Committee’s resolutions Nos. 7 and 8 and its report TRANS/333, annex 1,

Noting that amendments concerning navigation on lakes and concerning navigation on rivers, in particular for small craft, have been added to CEVNI by resolutions Nos. 19 and 20 respectively (TRANS/SC.3/91, annex 1 and TRANS/SC.3/95),

Noting that, through the application of the recommendations of these resolutions by Governments and river commissions, the corresponding regulations in force on European inland waterways have to a large extent been harmonized,

Noting the increase in traffic on inland waterways and, inter alia, the development of sea river transport and of modern techniques in navigation,

Noting the desirability, in the interest of safety in navigation, of taking into account in CEVNI developments in inland navigation and their consequences for the regulations in force,

Noting further the desirability of incorporating the special provisions concerning navigation on lakes and the rules of the road for small craft in the relevant parts of CEVNI,

Having considered the request by the Inland Transport Committee that CEVNI should be revised (W/TRANS/SC.3/37/Rev.2) (ECE/TRANS/23, para.  115),

Decides to replace the text of CEVNI, as reproduced in document W/TRANS/SC.3/37/Rev.2, and the amendments thereto reproduced in documents TRANS/SC.3/91, annex 1 and TRANS/SC.3/95, by the annex to this resolution, entitled “CEVNI:  European Code for Inland Waterways”, which is reproduced in document TRANS/SC.3/115,

Decides to formulate annexes 9, 10 and 11 after the revision of the European Provisions concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterway (ADN) (resolution No. 223 of the Inland Transport Committee),

Reiterates its recommendation addressed in resolution No. 4 to Governments and River Commissions to undertake, on the basis of the recommendations in paragraphs 1 and 2 below, the revision of regulations in force on inland waterways,

1. National regulations should consist of two parts:

(a)   The first part should embody the provisions contained in the annex to this resolution under the title “CEVNI:  European Code for Inland Waterways”.

In reproducing these provisions, it is most desirable to maintain the existing order and numbering of the chapters and, so far as possible, the existing order, titles and wording of the articles themselves, but

        i)     In cases where CEVNI provides for several possibilities, not all of those possibilities need be included in the national regulations;

       ii)     Governments may omit, complement or modify certain provisions of Chapters 1-8 of CEVNI, when this is required by the conditions of navigation. The list of such provisions is contained in Chapter 9 on “Regional and National Special Requirements”. In this case, Governments shall report on these differences to the Working Party on Inland Water Transport (SC.3).

(b)   The second part should contain the specific provisions which Governments consider necessary in view of local conditions.  These specific provisions should not be at variance with the provisions of CEVNI, including any which may not have been reproduced in the first part.  Further, with regard to matters to which the provisions of CEVNI apply, and particularly, to the marking of vessels, Governments should not, in the absence of very special local conditions, impose any obligations which are not contained in CEVNI itself;

2. In every country, the first part of the regulations should, if possible, be the same for all the inland waterways of the country concerned; nevertheless, a Government may depart from this rule if the special characteristics of the various inland waterway networks in the country concerned are so different that it cannot be applied;

Requests Governments and River Commissions to inform the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe by 1 July 1987 whether they can implement this resolution,

Requests the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe to place the question of the application of this resolution periodically on the agenda of the Working Party on Inland Water Transport.



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