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With respect to Article 6.28, the competent authorities may prescribe special rules for the passage through locks.



Note by the secretariat:

In accordance with article 9.07, paragraph 10, the following administrations prescribe special rules for the passage through locks:

1. Austria: in accordance with the transposition of CEVNI revision 4 provisions into national law;
2. Belarus;
3. Germany;
4. Netherlands (the rules are quite similar to CEVNI. The Dutch rules allow the use of sound signals for opening locks. It is prohibited to take fuel inside the lock);
5. Russian Federation;
6. Mosel Commission (the PRNM prohibit the entrance to forebay to vessels not planning to lock through. They also prohibit overtaking in the lock area except for vessels and convoys waiting to lock through. The PRNM also define special prescriptions due to the usable length of the locks on the Mosel (an authorization is required for pushed convoys whose length is longer than 170 m and less than 172.10 m)).