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The main signs (see section I) may be supplemented by the following auxiliary signs:1

A. Panels showing the distance at which the regulation applies or the special feature indicated by the main sign is to be found

Note: The panels are placed above the main sign.

Examples :

In 1,000 m, stop

In 1,500 m, ferry-boat

not moving independently


B. Additional luminous signal

Luminous white arrow combined with certain lights, with the following meanings:



(a) With green light

Example: Permission to enter the basin to which the arrow is pointing


(b) With red light

Example: No entry to the basin to which the arrow is pointing


C. Pointers showing the direction of the section to which the main sign applies

Note: The pointers need not necessarily be white and may be placed beside or below the main sign.

Examples :

Berthing permitted

Berthing prohibited (over a distance of 1,000 m)


D. Panels giving explanations or additional information

Note: These panels are placed below the main sign.