COVID-19 Haiti
Bulletin n° 2 - CIQP : (Bulletin on Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Procedures)



COVID-19 [Haïti]
Bulletin n° 1 - CIQP : 3 June 2020 ( EN) (Bulletin on Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Procedures)  Bulletin n°1 – CIQP : 3 juin 2020 (FR)


 Customs, land, sea

The land border with the Dominican Republic remains open in Dajabon for the movement of humanitarian cargo ships, accompanied by sanitary controls and the prior approval of the Customs authorities. The other entry points are closed. A slowdown in truck movements has been reported in the Dominican Republic.

Cargo ship operations are proceeding normally.

(Information dated 20 April: Logistics Cluster)


Airport / Flight restrictions

Flights to Port-au-Prince (PAP) and Cap-Haitien (CAP) are suspended. This does not apply to:
- Cargo flights;
- Domestic flights;
- Emergency flights;
- Humanitarian flights;
- Medical evacuation flights;
- Government flights.
(Information dated 20 March: ICAO)
The operations of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) continue.
(Information updated 2 June: WFP)

Dominican Republic:

- Commercial flights to and from the Dominican Republic are suspended;
- Cargo flights from and to the Dominican Republic continue normally;
- International flights are only allowed for ferry operations and the repatriation of foreigners.
- Exceptional permits must be requested from:
- Council of Civil Aviation (Junta de Aviacion Civil (JAC)): presidencia (at); tel: +1 (809) 687-4169; ext .: 206, 208, 247, or
- Institute of Civil Aviation (Instituto Dominicano de Aviacion Civil (IDAC)): dtac (at) and; tel .: +1 (809) 364-4322 and +1 (809) 221-7909, ext .: 3441, 3201 and 320.
(Information dated 16 May: ICAO)

March 16, 2020: The government has implemented flight restrictions and closure of the border with the Dominican Republic. All flights to and from Haiti and destinations in the Dominican Republic, Canada, Latin America and Europe will be suspended for two weeks. 

The border with the Dominican Republic will be closed to passenger traffic, but goods crossing the border will still be permitted if personnel transporting the goods are screened at the border. Ship cargo operations are being carried out normally at all ports for now.

Remarks from the International Road Transport Union


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