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To ensure smooth flow of supply chain of Essential Items during National Lock-down to fight COVID-19, clarifications were provided to ensure that stakeholders in logistics and warehousing receive necessary assistance to continue their operations. Air Rail and Road Transport suspended except for essential goods, Port operations for cargo movement to remain operational. Land border crossings to function for movement of essential goods.


1.Ministry of Shipping, Govemment of India has directed all the major ports via F. No. PD -143001412020 - PD VII dated 31.03.2020 to consider exemption or remission of demurrage, ground rent beyond allowed free period, penal anchorage/hire charges and any other performance related penalties that may be levied on port related activities for the reasons attributable to lock down measures i.e. from 22 March to 14 April, 2020.
2. In order to maintain proper supply chain at the Indian seaports, shipping agents are advised not to charge, levy or recover any demurrage, ground rent beyond allowed free period storage for the period from 22 March, 2020 to 146 April, 2O2O, due to delay in evacuation of cargo caused by reasons attributable to lock-down measures since 22d March, 2020. (for both points listed here see the links to the govt documents for details.


Contact information:


Remarks from the International Road Transport Union


On 24 March 2020, the Indian Prime Minister announced that India will impose a national lockdown as of 25 March 2020 for a period of 21 days.

Passenger Transport:

-       The movement of Indian citizens is heavily restricted within India. Special written permission is required under certain circumstances.

-       All domestic flights have been suspended.

-       All incoming passenger traffic, at all 107 Immigration Check Posts which includes all Airport ICPs, all Seaport ICPs, all Land Port ICPs, all Rail Port ICPs and all River Port ICPs will remain suspended.

Goods Transport:

All transport services – air, rail, road – will remain suspended.


a.  Transportation for essential goods only.

b.  Fire, police and emergency services.

This restriction shall come into force, in all parts of the country, for a period of 21 days with effect from 25.03.2020.

Source: FICCI

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