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Source: : National Focal points for the ITSAS-GIS Project (ESCWA/IsDB)- Kuwait Supreme Council for Planning and Development and Kuwait Road Transport Authority.

Land border crossings have been closed as follows:

  • Al-Salmi border crossing (which is located on the western borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia): it is limited to crossing foodstuffs and basic commodities.
  • Al-Nuwaiseeb border crossing (which is in the far south on the Kuwaiti-Saudi border): it is limited to crossing basic foodstuffs and basic commodities.
  • Al-Abdali Border crossing (which is located to the north on the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border): completely closed. No individuals, vehicles, or foodstuffs are permitted

About air traffic, it was limited to the emergency plan, consisting on the evacuation of citizens and nationals to and from Kuwait

:تم إغلاق المعابر الحدودية البرية على النحو التالي:

منفذ السالمي (والذي يقع على الحدود الغربية مع العراق والسعودية): تقتصر فقط على عبور السلع الغذائية والصناعية الأساسية

منفذ النويصيب (والذي يقع في أقصى الجنوب على الحدود الكويتية السعودية): تقتصر فقط على عبور السلع الغذائية والصناعية الأساسية

منفذ العبدلي (والذي يقع في الشمال على الحدود الكويتية العراقية): متوقف تماما. لا يسمح بعبور أفراد، ولا مركبات،لا سلع غذائية

فيما يخص حركة الطيران، فقد اقتصرت على خطة الطوارئ ولتي تتمثل في عملية اجلاء المواطنين والرعايا من وإلى الكويت

Remarks from the International Road Transport Union


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Customs will allow UAE freight trucks to enter the country, for a period of 5 days, starting 15 April. So far, only Saudi trucks with resident drivers were allowed to enter from UAE to KSA.


Customs are allowing only 25-30 trucks to enter the country, per day, since the start of the pandemic. This has created long queues at the border with Saudi Arabia, which could result in waiting times of up to 3 days.

Customs are allowing clearance to be done at the border rather than inland. This has significantly eased the traffic and the queues are gradually diminishing.

Source: IRU Secretariat

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