Source: Source: Directeur des Etudes, de la Programmation et de la Coopération Ministère de l'Equipement et des Transports

Updates on 8 July 2020

The Ministerial Committee in charge of combating the Covid-19 pandemic met on Wednesday 08 July 2020, and preparedness levels at all levels to start ease procedures were examined.

The degree of readiness in hospitals at the level of Nouakchott and the other states to deal with the pandemic, was assessed, on one hand, as some of the medical equipment, supplies and the prevention and treatment tools that were needed, were provided and appropriate measures were taken that enabled them to improve their capacity to deal with the epidemic.

The living conditions of citizens and the special circumstances in the fall and autumn months as well as the school holiday and the activities that coincide with them on the other hand taking into account.

The committee decided to reduce the procedures followed so far, to resume economic activity and return normal life, starting from Friday 10 July 2020 at six in the morning as follows:

1- Opening roads between states and cities;

2- Lift the total curfew;

3- Opening airports for domestic flights.

The Minister of Finance also submitted to the Ministerial Committee a report on the implementation of the Special Fund for Social Solidarity and Combating Corona Virus. This report will be transmitted to the National Committee to follow up the implementation of the fund in accordance with the presidential decree establishing it.

In the interest of the safety of citizens, the road safety plan has been activated, and the security and health authorities will work to strictly implement it. In this regard, the committee calls on citizens to respect traffic laws to contribute to avoiding road risks.

Despite these significant mitigation measures, the committee assures citizens that the pandemic is still existing, and we will have to coexist with it for a while.

Therefore, it renews the call to the citizens to continue to be cautious and careful in order to face the spread of the pandemic, and to ensure strict adherence to the precautionary measures required and their inclusion in the behavior of everyone, namely avoid gatherings, respect distances, wear masks, wash hands and sterilize public places. This is the main guarantor of preserving the achievements made.

تحديث بتاريخ 8 تموز/ يوليو 2020

اجتمعت اللجنة الوزارية المكلفة بمكافحة جائحة كوفيد-19 يوم الأربعاء 08 يوليو 2020 ، وتدارست مستويات الجاهزية على كل الأصعدة لبدء تخفيف الإجراءات.

وبعد تقييم درجة الجاهزية بالمستشفيات على مستوى نواكشوط والولايات الداخلية للتعامل مع الجائحة، إذ تم توفير بعض من المعدات والتجهيزات الطبية وادوات الوقاية والعلاج التي تحتاجها واتخاذ التدابير المناسبة التي مكنت من تحسين قدرتها للتصدي للوباء من جهة؛ ومراعاة للأوضاع المعيشية للمواطنين والظرفية الخاصة في أشهر الخريف والكيطنة والعطلة المدرسية والأنشطة التي تتزامن معها بالنسبة لهم من جهة أخرى، وحسابا لضرورة استئناف النشاط الاقتصادي وعودة الحياة الى طبيعتها في أقرب وقت، فقد قررت اللجنة تخفيف الإجراءات المتبعة حتى الآن، وذلك ابتداء من يوم الجمعة 10 يوليو 2020 عند الساعة السادسة صباحا على النحو التالي:

  • فتح الطرق بين الولايات والمدن؛
  • الرفع الكلي لحظر التجوال؛
  • فتح المطارات للرحلات الداخلية.

كما قدم وزير المالية للجنة الوزارية تقريرا عن تنفيذ الصندوق الخاص للتضامن الاجتماعي ومكافحة فيروس كورونا، وسيحال هذا التقرير إلى اللجنة الوطنية لمتابعة تنفيذ الصندوق طبقا للمرسوم الرئاسي المنشئ لها.
وحرصا على سلامة المواطنين فقد تم تفعيل خطة السلامة الطرقية وستعمل السلطات الأمنية والصحية على التطبيق الصارم لها. وبهذا الصدد تدعو اللجنة المواطنين إلى احترام قوانين السير للإسهام في تجنب المخاطر على الطرق.
وبالرغم من هذا التخفيف الكبير فإن اللجنة تؤكد للمواطنين أن الوباء لا يزال قائما، وسنضطر للتعايش معه لفترة.
لذا فإنها تجدد النداء للمواطنين بمواصلة التزام الحيطة والحذر لمواجهة انتشار الوباء، والحرص على التقيد الصارم بما يتطلب من إجراءات احترازية وإدخالها في سلوك الجميع، وهي تفادي التجمعات واحترام المسافات وارتداء الكمامات وغسل الأيدي وتعقيم الأماكن العمومية؛ فهذه هي الضامن الأساسي للحفاظ على ما تم تحقيه من مكتسبات".

28 April 2020

Measures adopted to manage the COVID-19 pandemic


1. Measures to facilitate the cross-border movement of relief consignments and essential supplies


1.1.  As soon as the pandemic started, written instructions were sent to all front-line services that they should, as a matter of priority and at the greatest possible speed, process cases involving the importation of all products and supplies associated with COVID-19.


1.2.  This measure has been extended to consignments of such products and supplies in transit.


1.3.  The whole front line has been issued with the “HS Classification Reference for COVID-19 Medical Supplies” (1st and 2nd Editions) drawn up jointly by the WCO and the WHO.


2. Measures to support the economy and ensure supply chain continuity


2.1.  Despite being closed to passenger traffic, the air, sea and land borders have remained open for trade and goods in transit.


2.2.  The lockdown in force throughout the country (with a curfew from 18:00, moved to 21:00 since the beginning of Ramadan, and a ban on movement between towns) has made provision, among the official exceptions, for the movement of lorries used to supply goods within and between towns.


3. Measures to ensure protection for Customs Administration personnel


3.1.  All personnel have been supplied with personal protective equipment (gloves, masks and hand sterilizing gel), and appropriate hygiene measures have been put in place at the entries to all central and up-country services.


3.2.  “Social distancing” is enforced extremely strictly and with user flow management.


4. Measures to ensure protection for the public


4.1. All entry points have been made aware of the need to process any consignment relating to COVID-19 quickly and to take action against counterfeit products, followed by distribution, for that purpose, of prototypes of counterfeit products intercepted throughout the world.

4.2.  Ongoing coordination with the health services regarding the above-mentioned equipment and supplies.


4.3.  Ongoing coordination with the other armed forces and security services as part of coordinated border management.


5. Other measures


By decision of His Excellency the President of the Republic, exemption has been granted from all duties and taxes on the import of certain products for the rest of the year:

–  powdered milk;

–  fruit and vegetables listed in Chapters 7 and 8;

–  edible oils;

–  wheat;

–  wheat meal.

Source: Directeur des Etudes, de la Programmation et de la Coopération Ministère de l'Equipement et des Transports

All border crossings have been closed by air, sea and land people, except goods at land crossings

تم إغلاق جميع المعابر الحدودية جوا وبحرا وبرا في ما يخص المطارات و الأشخاص في المعابر البرية وتم استثناء البضائع  

Remarks from the International Road Transport Union


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