Bulletin n° 4 - CIQP : 19 August 2020 (Bulletin on Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Procedures)



Bulletin n° 3 - CIQP : 1 July 2020 (Bulletin on Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Procedures)

  • Cargo flights are authorized.
  • UNHAS flights are maintained.
  • The authorities have suspended incoming and outgoing international flights from 21 March. Private flights are decided on a case-by-case basis by the Civil Aviation Authorities.
  • The operations of the port of Maradi are maintained.
  • There is no impact on import/export operations.
  • Burundi: All borders are now open for the transport of goods.
  • Rwanda: Border restrictions in Rwanda allow only commercial / humanitarian cargo and crew is limited on board the vehicle.
  • South Sudan: Closure of all borders with exemption granted for cargo and fuel tanks. Zambia: Kasumbalesa border is open for cargo movement.

Source: WCO/Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGDA)


Measures adopted in respect of the COVID-19 pandemic

1. Measures to facilitate the cross-border movement of relief consignments and
essential supplies

1.1. Emergency collection of in-bond pharmaceutical inputs and products.
1.2. Limitation of Customs controls to what is strictly necessary.
1.3. Authorization to make incomplete and provisional declarations.
1.4. Exemption from duties and taxes on pharmaceutical supplies and equipment and
essential supplies, in accordance with government instructions.

2. Measures to support the economy and ensure supply chain continuity

2.1. Access to goods removal credit.
2.2. Adoption of measures allowing payment by instalments of Customs duties and
taxes and of penalties.
2.3. Suspension of checks at outposts.
2.4. Action to facilitate compliance with the formalities for Customs clearance of
2.5. Measures adopted in accordance with government guidelines, in particular as
regards exemption from duties and taxes on pharmaceutical inputs and medical
equipment and the suspension of Value-Added Tax (VAT) on imports of basic

3. Measures to ensure protection for Customs Administration personnel

3.1. Briefings for personnel; in particular, by official communique and posters about
individual and collective protection measures against COVID-19.
3.2. Implementation of the protective measures ordered by the World Health
Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health in relation to COVID-19.
3.3. Purchase of protective equipment and supplies for those in contact with
foreigners, for the DRC-Zambia border posts.
3.4. Establishment of a shift system to ensure a basic service is provided.

4. Measures to ensure protection for the public

4.1. Standard Customs inspections are carried out without delay in the event of fraud
or smuggling.
4.2. Full verification of goods on entry.
4.3. Requirement to produce original documents when importing goods.

5. Other measures

5.1. Raising of awareness among managers and officials of the mode of transmission
and the hygiene rules to be complied with in order to avoid falling victim to or
becoming a carrier of the disease.

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