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The scope of the project is:

  1.     To define the demand
  2.     To identify the methodology for the award of a certificate and
  3.     To prepare a template document that sets out the evaluation criteria by which a certifying officer would evaluate a PPP unit or other relevant agencies.

Project leader & editor

Project leader

Syed Zaidi

EditorShyamala Shukla

Project information

Stage statusODP StageODP NameStage start date Stage end dateMeetings / MinutesRelevant documents
(warning)1Project initiation1 June 201430 June 2014Meetings & minutesProject proposal
 2Stakeholder mobilization1 July 201431 August 2014  
 3Developing initial draft1 September 201430 November 2014  
 4Public review1 December 201431 January 2015  
 5Endorsement1 February 201528 February 2015  
 6Approval1 April 201530 April 2015  

Extra budgetary resources

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Focal Point


Organization / Company

BelarusDzmitry BerazouskiHead of the PPP Unit, Ministry of Economy
BelgiumSteven van Garsse

Manager, Flemish Knowledge Centre PPP

Russian FederationHafiz Salikovvice-Chairperson, TOS PPP


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Contacts and members

Project leader

Syed Zaidi

EditorShyamala Shukla

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How to participate

 To participate please contact TOS-PPP Secretariat