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1. Every vessel, except small craft and seagoing vessels, shall bear the following identification marks on its hull or on fixed boards or plates:


The name shall be inscribed on both sides of the vessel, except for the pushed barges, it shall also be inscribed in a position visible from astern. If, in a side-by-side formation or pushed convoy, one or more of the inscriptions of the propelling vessel’s name are hidden, the name shall be reproduced on boards so placed as to be clearly visible from the directions from which those inscriptions are hidden. If the vessel has no name, it shall bear either the name (or its usual abbreviation) of the organization to which it belongs followed, where applicable, by a number, or the registration number followed, in order to show the country of the vessel’s home port or place of registry, by the letter or letters assigned to that country in annex 1 to these regulations.

(b) Its home port or place of registry


5. Crewed vessels under way by day shall fly their national flag at the stern. High-speed vessels may instead of the national flag display a board which matches the national flag in shape and colour.