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With respect to Article 3.14 para. 1:

(a) In the case of seagoing vessels operating only temporarily in inland navigation areas, the competent authorities may authorize the use of the day and night signals prescribed in the Recommendations on the Safe Transport of Dangerous Cargoes and Related Activities in Port Areas adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization (by night an all-round fixed red light and by day flag “B” of the International Code of Signals), instead of the signals prescribed in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of this article;

(b)The competent authorities may prescribe red lights instead of blue lights



Note by the secretariat:

In accordance with article 9.04, paragraph 7, the following administrations prescribe another marking for ferry-boats:

1. Austria: Pontoon ferries of the army and the army administration under way are exempted in certain cases defined in the national law;
2. Belarus;
3. Germany (no day mark for ferry-boats and for the ferry-boats which enjoys priority of passage, as this does not exist in Germany);
4. Hungary: ferry-boats not moving independently shall carry a yellow scintillating light visible from all directions when its cable is in operation (situated over the water);
5. Russian Federation;
6. Slovakia;
7. Turkey;
8. Mosel Commission (The PRNM do not prescribe day markings for ferry-boats under way. Ferry-boats navigating freely do not need to carry side lights and astern light by night. Moreover, the height of the white light can be reduced if the ferry-boat is less than 15 m long).