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Source: Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia General Financial Office Customs Department

Suspension of all international passenger flights (18.03.2020)

Slovenia has suspended from 17.03.2020 all international passenger flights, including on general aviation. The emergency measure stays in force until 30 March 2020 for the EU Member States, and until revoked for the so-called third countries. This measure was notified under Art. 21 of Regulation 1008/2008.

Start date: 17.03.2020

End date: 30.03.2020

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Remarks from the International Road Transport Union


Extension of validity of documents

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has adopted a Decree on the temporary ban on performing periodic technical inspections and other procedures related to the registration of motor vehicles and work in tachograph workshops in the Republic of Slovenia, which temporarily prohibited, until 16 April 2020, carrying out technical inspections and other procedures.

Therefore, the validity of such certificates including motor vehicle insurance and ADR certificates for the transport of dangerous goods will be extended until 16 May 2020.

The Decree on temporarily prohibiting the offering and sale of goods and services directly to consumers in driving schools and driver/vehicle authorised training institutes in the Republic of Slovenia prohibits the training of learner drivers, additional training for learner drivers, training for safe driving and training for learner driver providers and safe driving training.

As a result, the validity of driving licences is extended until 16 May 2020.

Special conditions applicable to entry from Italy

General conditions and border crossings from Italy

With a Government Order determining the conditions of entry into the Republic of Slovenia from the Italian Republic, in order to prevent the spread of infectious disease and with the Decree laying down the conditions of entry into the Republic of Slovenia from the Italian Republic for the control of infectious disease, only the following four border crossing points are open: Vrtojba, Fernetiči, Škofije and Krvavi Potok. These border crossing points are open 24 hours a day except for Krvavi Potok which is open from 05:00 until 23:00. All other border crossings are closed.

Entry from Italy

Entry into the territory of the Republic of Slovenia from the Italian Republic is allowed for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, individuals who are not Slovenian citizens or who do not have a registered permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia,if they submit proof in Slovenian, English or Italian, no older than three days, of the completion of a medical test confirming the absence of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

If an individual does not have such proof, he/she is allowed to enter the Republic of Slovenia only if:

·         his/her body temperature is less than 37.5°C, and

·         he/she shows no clear signs of upper respiratory tract infection (cough, sneezing, shortness of breath).

Road freight transport entering from Italy

Road freight transport from the Italian Republic to the Republic of Slovenia is also suspended, except forthe transport of postal items, medicines, protective equipment and medical devices, as well as humanitarian aid.

Freight vehicles (freight transport) whose final destination is the Republic of Slovenia are exempted.

Based on agreements with different neighbouring countries, road freight transit transport is currently operated in organised convoys, in cooperation with the police and with the assistance of DARS Toll Inspection service.

Conditions applicable to entry into Slovenia from Austria

·       13 entry points:  Gornja Radgona, Kuzma, Holmec, Karavanke, Jurij, Vič, Ljubelj, Trate, Radlje, Gederovci, Šentilj (motorway), Šentilj (highway) and Korensko.

·       No passenger train traffic is allowed.

·       Entry from Austria is allowed for: Slovenian citizens, temporary or permanent residents in Slovenia, foreigners - if they present proof, no older than three days, of having tested negative for SARS-CoV-2, or foreigners with a body temperature of below 37.5°C with no clear signs of upper respiratory tract infection.

·       The ordinance does not apply to those who own land on both sides of the state border who perform agricultural work, cross-border labour migrants, freight transport, passengers of emergency/ambulance vehicles, and for transit carried out in organised humanitarian convoys.

·       Transit of persons who are assumed to be unable to leave the territory of the Republic of Slovenia due to actions of neighbouring countries shall not be allowed.

·       The ordinance entered into force on 25 March at 00:00.

Source: Government of Slovenia

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