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Land Border Crossings:

The land crossings of the State of Qatar have been closed since 2017 due to the blockade imposed on the state of Qatar.

Maritime Transport:

  • With regard to the industrial ports, it was agreed to take the following measures:
  • Obliging all ships coming from countries where the epidemic has spread and heading to the industrial ports to stay in the hooked area for 14 days (the period of incubation of the virus) since its departure from the port of the country where the epidemic has spread. In case that no suspected disease appears, the ship is permitted to enter the port. In the event of any suspected case, the ship is prevented from entering the port.
  • Requesting the Ministry of Health to circulate the procedures to be followed within all state ports to prevent disease.
  • Coordination between the ports and the Ministry of Health to provide hot numbers to report any suspected cases of virus.
  • Directing the Industrial Security Administration to facilitate the procedures for doctors to enter industrial ports to conduct a medical examination.
  • Directing port departments to provide the necessary sterilization tools and masks for port workers, and to provide protective clothes for marine guides.
  • The suggestion to the Ministry of Health to provide a quarantine area in each port.
  • The following procedures have been activated regarding ships arriving at the country's ports through the Suez Canal:
  • Ships, coming from countries where the virus does not spread through the Suez Canal without stopping, are allowed to enter the country's ports after making sure that there is no suspected case of infection.
  • Ships coming from countries that do not spread the disease and docked inside the Suez Canal, are stopped in the marine quarantine area designated by the state for a period of 14 days, to ensure that they are free of sick conditions. In the event that it is found that there are suspected cases of injury, it is prohibited to deal with its employees, and it is prohibited for any of its crew to enter the ports. The naval guide is obliged to wear protective clothing, sleeves, and gloves and does not mix with any of the ship's crew until it leaves the port.
  • A directive not to make a change to the crews of ships that sail internationally was taken.
  • A directive not to receive cruise ships at Doha Port was taken.
  • A directive that it is necessary to ascertain in the event that any member of the ship belonging to the armed forces enters the ports and take the necessary measures towards the presence of a medical staff equipped with special devices for detection.

Air Transport:




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