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Remarks from the International Road Transport Union


Transit of freight road carriers through the Republic of Belarus

In accordance with Decree No.171 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated 25 March 2020, all drivers performing transit of goods through Belarus are obligated to use only approved national roads and park in specified areas to rest, have meals or refuel, according to the list of roads and specified parking areas approved by the Decree.

Transit drivers are obligated to leave the territory of Belarus by the shortest route possible, by no later than the day after entry onto the territory of Belarus, unless it is impossible to comply with the specified period due to vehicle accident/breakdown, unloading or transshipment cargo, vehicle replacement, or if it is provided for within the terms of the contract of carriage and indicated in the transport documents.

If it is necessary to carry out any of the above operations, a deviation from the approved list of national road and specified parking areas is allowed. However, operations should be carried out in the shortest possible time.

While the vehicle is parked, transit drivers must not leave the parking area.

The list of approved national roads and specified parking areas attached in Decree No. 171 can be found here.

Source: Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus


With effect from 19 March 00.00, drivers non-resident in the Republic of Belarus engaged in international transit operations through the territory of the Republic of Belarus can only use selected areas for rest, meals and refuelling vehicles. A detailed list with locations can be found on this map.

Source:Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Belarus

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